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Radio K O B. J. Egan. Yeah, I mean, it's still gotta crimes for skilled labor trying to build these homes. Getting on the ground dirt is the big issue right now for home builders. They gotta buy dirt, build those homes and and and and even before they start breaking ground on homes, they're sold. Quick they are. It is so tempting. I mean, it is so interesting. I've kind of gotten infatuated with with checking Zillow every couple of days just to see how much the value of my home has gone up because it literally changes every couple of days. It's it's It's amazing. There's a lot of equity there. There's a lot of equity and it's so tempting. It's like wow. There's this money that I could have in a matter of in the reality is folks a matter of minutes. Really, Absolutely. That's where we are. Well, then, all of a sudden you become a buyer. And what, and then you're on that. Then you're on the You know, it's a seller's market. Then all the sudden you're a buyer. Same old discussion. I mean, if you're if you're you know, if you're a certain age, I guess it depends on your lot in life. And where you are. You have the timing. You know, if you still got a bunch of kids at home and makes a little more difficult, because all of a sudden you become a buyer, and you gotta move and find something you may have to get into a bidding war where you go, But if you're Couple whose kids are already out of the house. You know your empty nesters. It's tempting, you know, if you're already kind of thinking about downsizing anyway, it's very tempting because you could put that equity in a place where it's treated a little bit better, you know, drawn some interests, right? And you got to like to, you know, check. Check what it is on the tax rolls as far as what your house is appraised that It's so much less than what you could sell it. We've been looking. We've been thinking about it talking to Chris Waters. Waters International Realty Kind of cashing in, You know, our kids are all grown and kind of moving on. And cashing in and downsizing is just is just Rhonda and I and s so we could downsize easily. Yeah, and and put a bunch of money in the bank. That's interesting. How Rhonda spells her name with a K. I've never questioned. I get the name wrong sometimes, But there you go. Hey. Speaking of homes Ah Fei Baker Housing development in Southern California is the first of its kind. Every one of the 15 homes so far are three D printed 1450 square foot homes built from modular panels that fit together like like Lego blocks Miss. According to the developer in the homes of solar powered they are virtually everything is three D printed, which cuts down on excess waste. Right. You don't have extra lumber, right? Right. And that's a commodity. Well, the homes are affordable, at least for Southern California dollars. That is. Ah, three bedroom home two bath house with the deck and a swimming pool will set you back. $595,000. That is a good deal in California. It is that is cheap. Yeah, not a great not not a great deal here, But there you go. The average home in this area of Southern California actually is right now, $825,000. So so, so, getting something under six. That's a pretty good deal. It is and again, you're talking about how many square footage again One of the 14 50 or TV show. Think what you could do here, and it's been talked about as far as housing for the homeless, Some kind of three D housing. It's much smaller. It would be very, very affordable s homes are very, very durable. What does this do to property values in that immediate area? I mean, all of a sudden you got homes going for 5 95, as opposed to 25 is it? Is it pull neighbors values now? I mean, are these used as cops comparables to the others in the area. That's a very good, but I don't know if that's an issue or not, but it could right one would think, But I'm all right Jump in at 51283605 90 Toll Free 8775905525 Joe Biden is ordered flags to be lowered to half staff in honor of the victims of that deadly shooting spree in Atlanta. Flags lowered at the White House and all federal and military buildings. Through March, the 22nd honoring the eight victims killed in a serious of shootings at three spas and massage parlors. Biden called the attack on American tweeting. We don't know yet the motive But we do know is that the Asian American community is feeling enormous pain tonight. What we all feel pain because of what happened in Georgia and not just the Asian American community. But we all do. What happened in Atlanta is incredibly tragic. Uh, yeah. So there you go. Flags are said to be lowered. Well, you gotta what you thinking about that? Well, ISAT, Okay for us for for those of us that our nation to feel pain over this. First of all, I'm trying to figure out what the parameters are here because they Clearly, what's going on here is that the media is ignoring the fax as to what happened AST far as what we know the motivation was not race. The motivation. Was it sick and twisted guy who says he has a sex addiction, and he was shooting up these massage parlors, which you know, sometimes they're a lot more than massage parlors on to resist temptation. It just so happens that a lot of these massage parlors or their employees are Asian. It's It's a very, very bad Alonso Sex trap. There's a lot of sex trap. You want to protect Asian women crackdown on sex trafficking Some of these places across the country that's that's no lie. Every police officer listening would agree with that. But there's nothing here. I mean, he has to. He he had an addiction to, uh Asian women in massage parlors. Well, would it be? It was an Asian women are addicted to women, and I used to be employed by employed with Asian women. But there's nothing he has said that points to this being a hate crime. Yet it seems that the media sure is an and in our politicians. Sure as hell want it to be, and they're trying to capitalize on that and push that and push that and this is blown up into sign. Apparently now there is a big issue. According to our politicians and the media. There's a big issue with racism in this country directed at the Asian community. I haven't witnessed been enough chicken and crimes against Asian in America. It's either going on or or it is certainly trying to be manufactured. I haven't heard anyone in the you know the the Asian community. I've already nobody here. Look, we have a lot of Asian men and women. They're pretty high up in the business community. I haven't heard them have a press conference. Maybe it is I don't know. Let's open up the phones 51283605 90 Todd and don show Imagine being able to watch the NC double a basketball tournament.

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