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Saturday September thirtieth on animal planet at ten pm eastern Pacific time called my big fat hedge makeover now there are times that I just wanna say my big fat Greek wedding. And I'm probably sure you're going to hear that Travis. Yeah. Already have. I don't wanna burst your bubble. The irony out won't be won't be the first won't be the last. Now, we had somebody on Facebook asked actually Dr wanted to know she's got a dog. And it's it's about ten pounds. I can't remember what breed it was. But actually, what makes Mike. How do you know if a dog is overweight? Yeah. That's a great question. So there's to kind of do it yourself test. You can do at home. The first one is what I call the hand test. You wanna be able to run your hands gently and lightly over the side of your pets, primarily a dog or a cat and you want to be able to feel that ribs exists. But you don't want to visually be able to see rich protruding from at side. So this does happen a lot where where I'll be with owners, and they'll do it, and they'll have an overweight that and they'll jam their fingers through the fat on the pet side. And they'll say others in there. I can feel him. And I said well now, that's that's defeating the purpose. So there is a trick to it. You just want to slightly run your hands over you wanna feel the rigs. And the second one is you could check a body condition score for pets, and you could just Google this look at images, you can see actual pictures of cats dogs either drawings or actual pictures, and then you can compare here your pets figure to the body condition score. And there's two tests a one out of ten or sorry one out of nine scale. And then there's a one out of five scale, but the one out of nine scale you wanna be somewhere in the five. And that's exactly where you want to be where you kind of have the hourglass figure and that you can feel ribs exists. But you don't want to be able to see them protruding out of the sides. Of course, you know, a lot of people also say too, it's not the pet. It's the parents. So what do you do on on the show? My big fat pet makeover to actually educate the parents. Is there something that you put her through? Yeah. So we do, you know, actually in in the very first episode that you'll see on the thirtieth the two owners, I think they reached the point where they realize that their beagle was overweight. But in order for them to understand what it was like we needed them to feel it. So, you know, the beagle was somewhere around twenty percents overweight of its of its of its ideal body weight. So we took that twenty percent and put it on the husband's at the dad. And of course, you know, he was somewhere around one ninety two hundred pounds. So you know, that was a lot of weight on 'em. So he was carrying kettlebells he had a weighted vests he had ankle weights on and he put is like, oh, this isn't too bad and we made him start walking. And after about ten minutes almost came to tears. She said, I just can't imagine that my dog you'll like this on a daily basis, and it was that kind of you know, realization that kind of you know, that, you know, kinda come to Jesus moment that really made him invested in fixing the problem. I know during the break in Karen, and I were watching your trailer again in Karen got to see the fat cat trying to get through the door. But there are some techniques that you actually use there is like a wheel it was like a cat wheel. That was pretty interesting. Wheel. That's exactly right. That's exactly what it looks like a giant hamster wheel. And and you know, we we actually in an external daisy. No. And you, you know, as well, there's multiple ways to motivate our pets, and and food is one of them. But obviously toys and praised are great ways. But but these a lot of them were so lazy that you got out a toy. And they just looked at you like, you were a crazy person, you know, and you cheered them on. And they just looked at you like not worth it. And so one of the tricks. We used was once we put him on the diet plan. We would actually use the food from there, you know, reduced meal portion to motivate them to lose weight. So it almost seems counterproductive, but because it fell within their diet we could actually use their food to get them to exercise. So with that cats exactly what we did. You know, we reduce the food. We got it to the right amount to help and get his ideal weight. We've got him on that wheel. And he looks at that food. And he said, whatever you need me to do signed me up and we got him moving. That's cool. Is he is he still maintaining his new wait is, you know, I think you'll see his name was bone nugget? I think you'll see him in the second or third episode. This you this their family was a great example of we can't help the pet if we can't get through to the owners, the we have to start with the owners, and for me, I think that's what makes this show. So special is I don't just go in and just key in on the pet like it's all about getting through to the owners. And we do a check in the way it's worked there. Six one hour episodes. You follow to pets per episode from beginning to end the whole makeover. So we show up on day one we assess it, wow, there's big problems. We come back with a check in and see where everybody's at. Well Bono gets parents. They were filling that denial group, and they said, well, he meows we kept giving him food. And so they didn't see the results right off the bat. You know, it took a little bit a little bit of, you know, elbow. Nudging? It gets them moving in the right direction. And once they bought in Bo Duggan started to lose weight, and you know, he he now at this point has become a huge success story. So how long is the period of of your time with these pets? Question. John of so four months, and that's another thing that it's important for us to understand is that most almost all the pets. We were very successful not to give away ending. 'cause you success is is is relative, right? Everybody likes to see a makeover though. So it doesn't matter. You like to see them makeover. When you because it's a reality show. And we don't have years to do it. You know, you don't see, you know, in all the pets of visual complete change because we only have four months, and and can only lose weight in a healthy way a certain percentage of of weight. So so for dogs we're looking at three to five percent of their body weight per month that they should only be losing to stay healthy. And then cats it can be somewhere around five to eight percent of their body weight per month. So in the four months, you know, the bigger the pets. I got I gotta say to you. It sounds like it's definitely going to be. They were moving. They were active. Yeah. You cut off on there for a little bit. But it sounds like the program is going to be phenomenal. And it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, and you can't help yourself. I mean when when you look at some of these pets near that big. It is a little bit of chuckle. Well, it is. Yeah, it is. And you know, a lot of people I've seen already making comments online. They're really being hard on these owners. They're saying how could somebody lets her pet do that? How could they let him get that way? But you know, what what they need to understand is you can't walk into a situation like this and come into these owners and start to make them feel guilty. You can't come down on them. You can't that's not the way you motivate someone the same way we motivate pets. So I have to get the owners on my side. And you know, these pets they still they still have time to be safe. Right. So we do come in with a little bit of a lightheartedness. But there is a reality check with every owner where there's tough love, and and we have to face basis backs. But that's what makes it so great for TV is, you know, people can watch it. They can do a lot of these things at home themselves, and we are not just changing the pets of the owners that they currently have. But we're changing the way they're gonna raise pets for the rest of their life. My big. Fat makeover. It's on starts on Saturday September thirtieth at ten pm eastern Pacific time on animal planet. Travis brorsson. Thank you so much for joining us here on talk talking pets. Great pleasure. And I wish you the best of luck with the show. It sounds like it's going to be successful. Thank you, John. Karen, daisy pleasure meeting you and thanks again for having me on. Thank you. Look. Good one. Take care. Best of luck with the with the fat..

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