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Correspondent Vicki Barker reports it's a move that puts the state on a collision course with the NCAA starting in twenty twenty three athlete to California universities will be allowed to make money from their images names or likenesses and universities will be banned from taking them off the team for doing so now that's in direct defiance of a long standing NC double a rules which try to make sure university athletes remain students and not face pressure to earn instead of learn the NCAA says it creates confusion for current and former athletes coaches administrators in schools the NC a a says it's considering that its next steps in California what did not elaborate on what it might be thinking. the northern Virginia girl has recanted her accusation that three classmates grab her and cut her dreadlocks on the playground of a northern Virginia private school and we're saying like my heroes ugly it was snappy twelve year old Amari Allen had accused three of her classmates of assault on their hands over my mouth and one of my that was the Springfield Virginia six greater last week but school now says she is acknowledge that the allegations were false Ballon families apologizing to the administrators and families of Emmanuel Christian school and acknowledging the national attention and support their daughter received Fairfax county police had said they were investigating and a police report was filed the family says they understand there will be consequences that are prepared to take responsibility for them Joe Ramsey Washington now that a Philadelphia man was set free after spending twenty one years behind bars for a crime he did not do there's a push to get the Commonwealth to provide compensation to others wrongfully convicted more from K. Y. W. community affairs reporter Eric right how long have you been home free for mark a little a little warmer at forty years old Terence Lewis is dreams came true in may when the DA dropped the second degree murder charges against him having his innocence affirmed he was probably given his freedom but not much else letters mark on my marker Marxist west past month but we're spared other than that I came home with losses I'd like to roll leaves the wrongfully convicted do not get housing or job assistance or other resources with his only support came from family and friends so blue was launched a change dot org petition to get Pennsylvania to join the thirty five other states including New Jersey they compensate exonerate the problem this is what the which was what because this is moral this is what we want as a society correct happens you have in any body Lewis is founding a chapter of it can happen to you in Pennsylvania an organization that works to prevent wrongful conviction also take his petition to Harrisburg for whole lobby on wrongful conviction day in October for link go to KYW newsradio dot com Greg gives of this video a California man has been charged with. acting as an illegal foreign agent of part of an elaborate FBI sting operation targeting Chinese intelligence operative working in the US Edward paying was caught acting as a career for China's ministry of state security according to the criminal complaint the US justice department says paying is alleged to have ferried U. S. national security information and payments passed to him by a confidential human source to Beijing for Chinese intelligence officers on six separate occasions pink picked up packages in which was concealed SD cards with American intelligence he was arrested at his northern California home on Friday and is being held without bail Jim rope Los Angeles. well the NFL has suspended line backer von test perfect for the season for a dirty hit John stillness reports he's out for the rest of the season without pay for what the NFL calls repeated violations of unnecessary roughness rule first. necessary roughness depressed fifty five perfect was ejected during the second quarter of the raiders thirty one to twenty four win over Indianapolis after he leveled a helmet to helmet blow to the head to colts tight end Jack Doyle perfect to was named a team captain at the start of the season ran off the field smiling and blowing kisses to the crowd his agent says he will appeal the suspension perfect received thirteen suspensions and fines in his seven seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals before signing with the raiders this offseason two of those suspensions were for illegal hex under his collective bargaining agreement perfect can appeal in the next three to four democratic presidential candidate US senator Cory Booker says he's hit the one point seven million dollars fundraising goal he set for his campaign about a week ago that insurance he has enough money to continue his White House bid senator says on his website is proud of his grassroots dean thank you he mentions the New Jersey senator had said back on September twenty first that if he failed to raise money by Monday he'd end.

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