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Neighborhood. The Flames raced through the 1st 2nd and 3rd floors of a structure at Lawler and Ferdinand this morning, Chicago Fire District chief Mark Furman says the building partially collapsed primary search But due to the volume of the fire and the threatening of exposures they had to back out. And transition to a defensive operation just to protect the exposures on the side, and just because the volume of fire was too heavy for them to continue to search is inside. Another person was injured and is in stable condition. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Starting Monday, teachers, police officers, postal workers and those over 65 will be eligible to receive a covert 19 vaccine. But Dr Allison or Woody, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, warns they don't have enough vaccine to meet demand and it will likely take weeks before many in the category can get a shot. The amount of vaccine that we are getting each week right now will allow us to vaccinate 5% 1 in 20. He of the people who are eligible. Vaccine will be distributed through private doctors, offices, pharmacies and some employers. Illinois reporting today 4979 new coronavirus cases in 123 additional death. The state positivity rate is 5.4%. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to push back any impeachment trial against former President Trump until February. The move would give Trump's legal team more time to prepare his defense for what will be a second impeachment trial. The Senate could vote on confirmations for several of President Biden's Cabinet nominees as soon as tomorrow. Ah voted set for defense secretary nominee General Lloyd Austin in the morning. Congress granted Austin a waiver to serve in the role since he hasn't been out of the military for more than seven years. The Senate's also hoping to vote on Biden's choices to run the Treasury and state departments. Amazon won't be Forced to restore Web service to parlor A federal judge ruled today against a plea to reinstate the social media app. Favored by followers of former President Trump Amazon kick parlor off its website hosting service last week for what it called the last resort to block it from harboring violent plans to disrupt the presidential transition. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has announced today the launch of a new immigration unit at the Cook County Public defender's office. Now that the immigration unit has officially launched it's the largest in the country. Public defender Amy Campanelli says immigrants are 10 times more likely to have a successful outcome if they have a lawyer, WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell to bears. Assistant coaches are leaving the team to join the Falcons, Charles London and Dave Ragone on their way to Atlanta. London does will serve as the quarterbacks coach Ray going his offensive coordinator. London spent this season with the Bears as running backs coach We're going was the passing game coordinator Bears still on the search for a new defense of coordinator After Chuck Pagano retired in college basketball tonight, two games in the Big 14th ranked Iowa hosting Indiana. Rutgers is at Penn State women's hoops and number 21 Northwestern hosting Illinois. 18th, ranked of Paul. Is that Butler and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is the cover athlete for the video game R B I baseball 21. He spoke with reporters this afternoon and says he's excited to be featured on the cover. He's also was asked about White Sox roster moves this offseason, including adding top free agent closer Liam Hendriks. I'm definitely excited, you know that he's on the South side with us and definitely he's gonna bring a lot of Lot of Delta. What we need, you know is we've been looking for a girl like that. And you know, from from the looks of it, it looks like he won't ball every day. Um, and then we saw that in the playoffs, so you know, definitely wanna want a guy like that on your squad spring training about a month away. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN sports and.

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