Clive Owen, Navarre, Tilda Swinton discussed on Overthinking It Podcast - Episode 474: I Didnt Blow Up the Planet, the System Blew Up the Planet!


The bad th the bad thing is actually a consequence of our of our decisions navarre lifestyle see also the last wet three seasons of star trek the next generation when you know turns out that the world drive pollutes the the world or the the fabric of something something i don't know that that wasn't strong either but right like and and the good ones manage to the good ones kind of managed to convey that kind of the mark cnn um you know sense of of historical inevitability which is i think one part of of that critique that that may be remains still still relevant right like if it's a problem with agency if it's a problem with bad actors and i don't mean i'm not calling a i mean the character is a bad actor in the you know in the sense of having no good faith not that clever clive owen is a good actor just use 8 tilda swinton level you know artist and i commend you to the rest of his resume if if the problem is bad actors we can get rid of the bad actors where we can find you know what i mean like if the problem is contingent we can find some sort of a way to deal with it in a contingent fashion but but if the problem is intrinsic to this society right which is i think the thing that that the film was trying to get up at not.

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