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But I'll call with a lady's great for the brain and a click. You moved up. It'll give you brain more energy. It'll help with preventing the death of brain cells and will protect your brain and it'll improve your memory, these your great supplements and they're very safe. As I said, all the products we have have grass certification. Generally recognized as safe Now, let's talk about multi vitamins the very important And our box Maltese. We have so many ingredients that have been used in human clinical trials. Many of our products. Are you pick one. All our college paychecks are bike. Rickman five election. Are flexing checks are college matrix. Many of our probably shopping used in human clinical trials are faced two for weight loss. Or weight maintenance. So you don't came back to what you lost already, Um And our multi vitamins we have a slew of ingredients have been used in human clinical trials. We have lutein. Lutein. It's important for your vision and your memory. We have 6 MG of lutein and are boxed, multi use like the invite for man. And in fact for women and the in fact performance and invite core multi, he would have to eat a ton of spinach or broccoli to get that much lutein and you need lutein. For your memory and your fish in his problem. Lutein levels decline with age, so people who are 50 have less lutein in their brain and their eyes and somebody who's 40. But lutein also is depleted by statin drugs like atorvastatin misunderstand. So you need a source of looting, and this is natural routine that's been used in memory studies and brain studies. Memory memory studies. Oh, and visions study Sorry. They don't need more looting and any of them There's ah 65 MG of like a peen. He'd have to have a bowl of tomato sauce to get that much like opinion, like the pain is great for protecting the skins off. You're down in Florida listening. It'll help protect your skin from the sun. You swallow it like a Penis is great for wrinkling. Um, like a team is great for, um, the health of the heart of that and the vascular system. It helps keep your arteries clean. And less stiffening and thickening of the blood vessel walls with age, which is good to help lower your.

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