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O P never visible moment and good morning to you. I'm Deborah Feinstein, along with Jocelyn Chessen at the editor's desk. Coming up resistance to mask wearing in some of the country's top corona virus. Hot spots a shake up at the top of the Trump campaign. A major Twitter hack on VIPs will go deeper with our national security correspondent J. J Green Coming up a 10 40 on Wall Street numbers air down today, The Dow was ofsixty to the NASDAQ down 1 37 and the S and P 500 now down 18. At 10 30. CBS NEWS UPDATE. Georgia Governor Ryan Kemp goes rogue and bars local officials from mandating face masks during the pandemic. Alabama governor Kay Ivey says everyone over the age of six has to wear them in public. You should have to be ordered to do what is in your own best interest. Tourists in Charleston, South Carolina, are flouting the rules. CBS's Mark Strassmann, I talked to one clerk here on Pink Street in an upper end Clothing store. She had to tell a customer that he had to put on a mask or leave the store. He got irate, stormed out, threatening to sue the store. She's not the moment for that probably was an idle threat. More schools are going with online classes for fall, including the Prince George's County district in Maryland. Board of Ed member Ed Burrows. We know that our young people go home to their parents and grandparents who have online and that so many of our individuals are asymptomatic CBS News update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Will. The Republican Party will hold a scaled back convention in Jacksonville, Florida next month, The Washington Post reports a letter sent to delegates from the Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel. Says admittance will be limited toe on ly regular delegates for the 1st 3 days. That's about 2500 people. When the president intends on the last day attendance is expected to be expanded to about six or 7000 people. McDaniel says Final decisions have not been made on where speeches will occur. But she says indoor and outdoor venues are being considered under pressure from President Trump. The party moved most of the convention from North Carolina to Florida. Which is now the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak. And as election Day edges closer, President Trump has announced a new campaign manager, Brad Par Scale is out. Top campaign sources tell CBS News No one knew Wednesday's campaign shakeup was coming at least not on Wednesday. Our scale has been in jeopardy for days, maybe weeks with Trump since the campaign's first post locked down rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that drew a much smaller crowd than expected par scale boasted of one million our V P s for the event and paid for extra outdoor stages and sound systems that in the end, we're never needed for lack of Spectators. At CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett meantime, former vice President Joe Biden is lead over President Trump has reached double digits. Now, a New Wall Street Journal NBC News poll finds 51% of voters say they would vote for Mr Biden if the election were held today. 40% back President Trump Widens lead of 11% points is an increase from 7% points last month. Coming up. What? We're learning from newly released video of George Floyd 10. 34 to write some code. I'm.

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