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This is money matters with Ken moraif. And of course, I am your host Ken moraif. Doc, I've been a certified financial planner professional for the last twenty marvelous wonderful and very exciting years. And all of the ideas that we talk about on this show. These are the very same ideas. We talk about with our beloved and most valued clients, and we not we work with people who are retired or retiring soon where a firm specializes in retirement, planning and. In two thousand eighteen we the the north central Texas Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau offer a named us. The winner of the what they call the torch award for ethics for a large company. That's hard to say. I don't know why. But the Better Business Bureau does not of course, endorse us as a financial adviser. They're only looking at us from their perspective. And when they give us the ethics award there toward, but you know, when it comes to financial advising, and when you are a financial advisor for people. I think that ethics and integrity honesty that has to be the very first top of the list first thing and in our firm. It is our culture we always put our client's interest before we they are before our own. We disclose everything and we never sacrifice honesty for growth ever. And so we wanna thank the Better Business Bureau for that. But you know, what we wouldn't even have been known to them if it was not for our clients. And so clients, thank you very much for being a client. All right. This is the time of the show the part of the show, we talk about estate planning. Normally when we talk about is how to pass onto your, greedy, unwashed undeserving. Airs the fruits of your labor, but this week we're gonna make you the greedy unwashed undeserving air, and you're going to inherit an IRA or a 4._0._1._K. And we want to talk about how do you go about doing so in the proper way from attack stem point? So we'll be we'll talk about that. But first Jack can you play it? No I'd go.

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