Santa Fe, Boulder, John Morsi discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Every ten minutes on the tens John Morsi drivers having real trouble with that. Southbound Santa Fe drive between bowls and mineral because southbound Santa Fe is closed. Northbound Santa Fe is reopened and parts of mineral have reopened at that. After an bad accident early this morning that killed two people. Other still investigating southbound Santa Fe still closed even though you're backed up back to bowls if you're caught in that big backup when you get down to Aspen grove, you can cut around behind aspirin grove on Aspen grove way. And that will take you around to mineral at least get you around that closure of Santa Fe, which is causing us problems. The rest of your drive this morning. Very heavy. Traffic this morning that snow and fog creating problems on the on the west side of town. Very heavy traffic trying to get up onto I seventy from westbound C four seventy northbound ninety three has reopened in Washington the golden area, and that's good news and a slow go into boulder on the westbound boulder turnpike, heavy around church ranch Broomfield mccaslin and right on into boulder. Pretty heavy traffic on two seventy loaded up in both directions. Denver police wrapping up an investigation of a crash on the east side. It was forty-seven in Peoria, your drive on northbound to five hundred westbound, I seventy good. But once you get on die seventy it's going to be a busy slow drive. Both sides of I seventy heavy eastbound jammed up from Sheridan into downtown westbound from Havana this report is sponsored by positive coaching alliance. Got issues with youth or high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCA a national nonprofit offers more than a thousand free online resources for youth and high school, sports coaches parents students and administrators bees visit PCA devs zone dot org. Next update nine ten KOA..

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