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So today I went seventeen miles this morning. It's it's hard as hell because going uphill downhill. And it's one hundred degrees here right now. I'm an airs wanna by the way it's hot. And it's not boring. I get on the treadmill or goes boring as hell. Man, I just sit there and like, what am I gonna be done? What am I going to be done? But the bike, you know, you don't pay attention. You're gonna fall so much better, much more fun dangerous. Listen to music. Yes, I put my headphones in when you listen to. No, because rattlesnakes out there, there's a resources kit. Some believable. There's people. It's cool man. What do you listen to music wise, it white boy, Wednesday, or did he go deep into the the little. Everything. Oh, man, I go with you. I really liked you post alone. He almost died last night. He was what he his plane almost. He he blew. Yeah, yeoman we almost lost post one. I think postmodern will be very exciting to hear though that Brian Urlacher is a big post won't fan. I think we all are big boasts. Blood fans. Anyway, I'm a big country guy too. So I my range of music is all over the place I've country on rack. I'm rock. I'm rap. I'm hip hop. You name it by like alternative. I like it. All your Brian lacquer top of the mountain when it comes to linebackers, who is somebody you met a, you're like, holy shit. I can't believe I just met insert name here. Oh, damn. Thinking about that? Nope. I first reaction. I don't know. I don't know. America's we, you know what? What you started being people as one of the big of a deal where you're like, oh yeah. But I guess way back in the day when I first went my first Pro Bowl when I made my rookie year on the locker room with dirt, grew exports fab John Lynch l. all those guys are in their Marshall Faulk. You know, all these guys, I watch Peyton Manning was there, but all these guys I watched playing growing up. I'm like, holy shit. I'm going to log with these guys right now. All these guys. I used to be a fan of now. I'm going to same block room zoom. It was like, you're welcome. That was you're welcome to the NFL moment there at the Provo get that was it. I was like, you know what? You made it buddy. You made it to a Pro Bowl. Fade right. Wasn't pro bowler always a pro bowler. Well, you actually did become that because you're an eight time. Fuck pro bowler. So you actually were Pro Bowl and all pro as well, which is incredible. This Chicago Bears girl pros over the pro bowls that just means the media likes. You don't be fucking slave to the media. Players get a vote for you. You know, that goes for the promo, your heart. Yeah, but media the same way. So I pissed off a lot of media people, so I got to, you know what I mean? It's the same thing on the opposite end. That's why I was worried about not making famous. 'cause I thought Chris lot of media people denture not getting in this year. This mixture of I'll be lucky to get in. You're on FOX for that one year. Did you just not enjoy TV or what. Do I love I work with Randy moss Glazer rendezvous Barbara, Scott, Sajida jokes that who works for FOX recruitment. It was a great crew. I just the travel man. I was still Chicago at the time and I retired because I wanted to hang out with my family and you know where my kids games, I was like, damn this games every weekend. So it just wasn't for me. Man. I the travel too much, and it's not why I retired. So I, there were very cool sponsors..

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