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Predicted didn't do anything that he could have done. And now there's this wild story by lynwood on if you follow this about pants which he started a couple of days ago and he was calling penetrator traitor he s to be yesterday. It's got to be shot. Gotta be locked up. This is also from c. Span harmon in bellevue washington carmen. Hi i'm so grateful for letting me tell you what i've been experiencing overnight. There were were anarchist tweets. I kept going into these There'd be accounts that would be talking about the end lynnwood who's associated with trump. Said pants is in fact a traitor. I have the evidence and i've interviewed with a blur. I am sending pence to world of the block. He will never be released. He will spend eternity there then. Key re tweeted early or a little bit later at five thirty a. m. pacific time. I'm sorry i'm shaking. Because i saw this happening and i didn't know who to tell. But ron watkins. Who's the administrator for two and on he Tweeted out three of three and on the very bottom luckily carbon. I'm gonna. I'm gonna sign okay. And then this was the gem from c. span. I love hearing this. Balkan california simona in the morning and thank you go there you go. That's what we need. You didn't catch. I didn't either but a couple of people a couple of people offers So clearly a trump was left with no friends around him. Everybody deserted him. And i think there's this maybe something to that penn story. How many times did we hear in the past. Four years that he was on board with the twenty fifth amendment which now of course is immediately and play for the last two weeks. What what is that about. I mean are they worried that inched by the way we do have to mention that it was ashley babbitt. Who was gunned down. Shot in the next shot in the neck from the outside through the through the window to what i saw. That video go would you. There's a bullet hole right there. The bullet hole was there. But i wasn't worthy shot. Was you saw the gun. Come out doorway to be honest. You sent me the video. And i've seen it. I've been sent to me a thousand times. I can't look at it. Comes out of the doorway. She's about four feet away shoots ranges. go down. It's murder well. There wasn't much to the video. It wasn't that gory because much of the in bullet hitting her was actually blocked by the get. The guy was inside the other room for filming it anyway. Okay well at the very least. We should know who did that. And the seems seems to be zero. Not zero motivation to talk about that at all. i find it peculiar. There's only one reason because it was it was murdered was meant to stir this all up. These people don't care anyway. So i don't buy any of that crap about pants including what you just said and i think this lynnwood is not pants as just a what he is. He's the vice president doesn't do he does what he's supposed to do and he does. He did what he did. In fact i have the entire arizona process recorded if anyone is interested in the mechanism the mechanism of oh a long. It's one minute definitely. Let's do that. The entire mechanism is right here by the way. Ironically this there is only one which was the first and the only one that went anywhere. It was actually Amy klobuchar came out with the I guess he was assigned to do. This came out and from the senate and put down the arizona presentation. And i just thought it was ironic so interesting and i think i caught this from rahim kasan or something. A couple days ago a grassley grassley office had made an announcement to the roll call which is publication of who is and isn't going to be in a in in congress that day and said well. I'm going to replace. Mike pence if he's not available or fees in there and and that seems like they kind of were ready for some something. Pence ducked out right away. Everyone is sheltering in place. I have to say knowing. That really wasn't as horrible as it looked from. The outside what was going on in the inside didn't think so. At least i got quite a bit of joy from seeing our representatives with those plastic bags over their head with for the gas masks. Like wow. I've never seen them come out with those things over their head but pence duck out immediately. He was gone. So was this distraction to get him out. I didn't know he came back. Nobody came back. He came back and then by then i mean. Tv wasn't even show you had to watch c. span. Nothing was being shown anymore. They're all about riots riots. The mob trump horrible bad. Let's listen to the arizona's the cash just gonna say that Amy isn't when it came out to make this proclamation and it was interesting because she could not have liked michigan. Canelas name but but this is the process you go through to to affirm the election and this is A moment where you can stop it. And it was stopped and they went and debated it. That was killed and that was the end of the whole deal. Here we go. Mr president this certificate at the electoral vote. The state of arizona seems to be regular in forum and authentic and it appears there from that. Joseph r biden junior of the state of delaware received eleven votes for president and kamla d harris of the state of california eleven votes for vice president. Are there any objections. To counting the certificate of vote of the state of arizona that the teller is verified appears to be authentic. I paul gosar from arizona gentleman from arizona right. I rise up for myself and sixty of my colleagues to object to the counting of the electoral felt from arizona. Objection in writing and signed by of senator yes. It is presented in writing and signed by both a representative and a senator complies with law chapter one of title. Three of the united states code. The clerk will report the objection objection to county electoral votes of the state of arizona. We a member of the house of representatives and a united states. Senator object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona on the ground that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given farther further objections to the certificates from the state of arizona. Jerry on two houses will withdraw from joint session. Each house will deliberate. Separately on the pending. Objection and report is decision back to the joint session. The senate will now retire to its chamber so that that wasn't actually the moment when it kicked off though was it was the moment when it kicked off..

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