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Huhne's puny humans you're at my mercy whatever and then she was up your we're like oh my god it's again came in with a choice actors actors bring choice when you walk helps us all vaughn strangle is the very powerful dead fair he's a leader he's very strong he's such a leader oh he's very bold and with a very feminine side though sometimes cookies oh joint jorgen actually doesn't hurt anybody he does juergens or is it a right the wrongs that's the griffin nor him then he will he will right the wrongs he he's very frustrated because cosmo gets out of control they want to do is keep other and watch my soap operas it's all i wanted to do and he's married he married to that he married the tooth fairy to because he's the griffin and then timmy's the solar and causing all this mischief that's it you know and the fairy world that's it last one one tips guy show et then me they're also perfect oh totally well this is he ship is due chip is responsible because he has an album that he wants to get out and he does he he does do concerts the twenty four th can i use your phone you know he's he's into advertising albums about their he's timmy's pal he's a performer he doesn't he doesn't kick timmy out of his entourage she hangs with tim that's true he's charming wow the hero guys.

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