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Alex a quick question before we go back to the phones it's about sovereignty in the U. R. fo the paper you co wrote with Raymond of all university of Minnesota are you still in touch with him and as he added any feedback about the paper himself I think we might have lost our guests will just hang on here for a second and Donna will try to re establish contact I do wanna mention you know we're talking about in the news segment of the program sort of having time to with the virus in the shut down and the quarantines that were we have time to sort of reflect on the the state of the earth you'll recall that a month ago we had aghast Wayne Pacelle E. here on on coast to coast to talk about when markets and the source of the virus okay all right well apparently we do have we do have Alex back now Alex I was gonna ask about ramen devol university Minnesota and this paper that you guys co wrote a sovereignty of the UFO which Greg bishop I think it's gonna tweeted out here soon or put it on the coast because website are you still in touch with him and did he get feedback about that paper but he was my graduate adviser for my PhD so I've known him for my entire career we're good friends Alan and he just retired he's let me take all the feedback as he tried to joke we use the phrase they rediscover selves as militant agnostics and use that time to melt and then use the agnostic he's been he's kept some distance but he was supportive and he provided some crucial ideas in the paper I should also point out that that paper the much more reader friendly and a shorter version of that in Leslie Kean's acts one volume in two thousand and ten called UFOs which she recalls she solicited the paper from us when she heard about it and we rode a new version of it so people should check out out of they want to yeah that's that's great Leslie is a courageous journalists that excellent report program is my been my guest and a friend of mine for a long time I will go back to the phone lines first time caller Steve in Montreal hi Steve you're on with Alex went actually I'm calling from model okay Montreal yeah I I basically agreed with the reasoning presented by the doctor regarding the thought the powers that be to not really addressing this issue directly but I'd like to ask a couple of questions related to this and related to the potential extensions of the extraterrestrials if they do exist and in my opinion not their intentions probably would fall under three possible categories the writer here to help us or to observe and learn or to dominate and exploit those are general categories mind you that that I have notions that they had might be motivated by and I'm just wondering what are the doctor's opinion is on the fact that is it likely that their intentions are good towards us the longer that no overt attempts are made to dominate or exploit the earth and of course you manatee and the second question I have is related question and that is regarding that famous gold record that was sent out with the I. nineteen seventy seven Voyager in universal fine not mistaken I'm looking at it on the internet here it reveals a tremendous amount of information about us and I think I recall Stephen Hawking shortly before he died all stating a warning to humanity that you know it's quite possibly a viable for us to keep a low profile one we think about activities of broadcasting our existence the universe all right Steve lets let Alex jump into that you know my reaction if I were the ETA's I'd be saying about that goal record send more Chuck Berry but Alex what do you think about the first the idea that hawking about hawking's warnings well I mean I think it is understandable and there is an interesting question whether maybe ignorance of blasts and we should not be looking into this issue at all and we want to avoid contact if there is any you know Arnie each even neighborhood in San Juan and that you know why why not let us with dog why so I think that the the question he was raising about the boys are thing is is an important one that needs to be discussed but it should be discussed and we should have a strategy and do we want to do this or not but it does come back to the first question the car up which I thought was a good one about hostile intentions there is a fourth possibility which is that they're not interested enough at all they're gonna be here for other reasons completely and we just happen to be a local Adams and they just have to get out of our way personally I don't think that the most likely of course who knows this is all speculation but I do think that the longer it goes with no sign of a over hostility the less likely it is that any new teaser here hostile intentions and my guess is that this argument and then my other is there any civilization that survived long enough to be capable of interstellar travel would almost certainly have to be happy after become peaceful they would not have hostile intentions basically if they want to conquer and exterminate us they would have done that a long time ago it seems to me so I don't see any evidence of possible intention at all but that doesn't mean their intentions are benign some thanks for the call Steve I guess you know you boil it down to why are they here if they are here that's the really big source of the taboo is that that's really what scares us we don't know yeah that's right and almost any answer even if they're here to help could be destructive because our society might collapse in the face of such a profoundly unexpected and profoundly superior forests as as these creatures must be up to thirty or so the way even the good intentions don't say about them certainly there's going to be a real challenge in managing our own response if and when a contact email actually occurs also what does not save us choosing to not study them they don't go away because we don't study them they're they're here they've been here if you believe that the reports we've had from over the centuries and just the fact that we put a blanket over her head and don't look at them it doesn't make them go away either I don't think that's true on the other hand as long as they're not bothering us sleeping dogs argument kind of argument right and then right yes and I take your point west of the Rockies Mike and Reno hi Mike you're on with Alex went hi in addition to what's being said the main scientific taboo is that it with roses sovereignty of Darwinian evolution which is dominated western science since eighteen fifty nine and his book the origin of species that's been accepted science materialism I'm reading a little on flight now and it's it's all Floyd series will based on on Darling all on the body reductionist science the problem with garland by the way for us to the left and I have another objection is the it's called the theory because it can't be replicated in the report for you you can't replicate a billion or half a billion years in the laboratory which is the basis of it's not people who you know it it's something from theory to to accept as well as long as it can be proved by experiments it's theoretical the the other thing now which is much more controversial and subtle it says it's racist and the left opposition to this engine the church has come under attack is that we can have some pre races this in itself doesn't contradict Darwin because you know Darwin's cousin Frances Galton coined the term eugenics with which which led to a lot of racism but that this is the left's latest attack we can't have some pre races and so they're going to attack all of you people for being racists so you got a hole and it isn't the religions look upon them as demons so there's a whole slew of opposition to this but it's it's cracking and you know what what what led you said what we won with medicine that we're we're going to have to share our you know I will place in the universe and and it's shocking but I don't think there's any alternatives if you have any comments on that thanks to it it's my well there's a lot there I certainly agree that there is a challenger to Darwinian thinking and and there are many sort of parts of of Madison knowledge of the world are what we think is our knowledge of the world that are potentially threatened by this phenomenon because all of our knowledge assumes that were alone in the were in charge I do think that though though there's one continuity there and about the Darwinian revolution part of the consequence of that was to make human beings love central left the center of the universe and likewise the component in revolution also made human beings by central so there's kind of a historical trend over the past few centuries Giunti mode human beings in a way and make us part of just the nature of the whole and those who are pro when I'm on a wave continues fab process we do finally come to grips with it and if we if we do discover the thirty teams then it will become very clear that we're not at the top of the food chain but somewhere in the middle of fast probably yes the March of science is a lesson in humility how and more we know about the universe the less significant we become yeah they I I know there's a lot of folks on the phones but I I wanted to address this this famous quote from Carl Sagan that always pops up extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and I always wonder well why don't they just why don't claims just require regular events at night and I think of it in the context the UFOs we generally people who study there say ninety percent of them could probably be explained their mis identifications of planets or planes or birds or something like that forgetting that you know when it comes to UFOs it only takes one doesn't you'll need a thousand of them if one is proving to be real it's it's profound yeah I know that's right and I think that and what is the claim here the claim is not financial plan is not you oppose are here and they're easy to use the initial claim as there are some weird things in the sky you have no idea what they are let's go study that argument does not require extraordinary evidence if you look at those native videos that's enough evidence for me to thank hasten scientists to go check this out so I think in a way Sagan's argument is overstated or he's assuming that that's where he settled at least down the road in a sense if we need to stick with what we really know the real facts that we can get a grip on and that is simply the kind of things that the but maybe they are so that's all we have to attack let's start there and just start investigating yeah and if you really do need extraordinary evidence the way to go get it is to study it to get going yeah I would go to the wildcard line Cornelius in Louisiana hi Cornelius good morning Hey George and Dr went god bless both be all yours is my second time talking to you I was a military police officer had top secret clearance and stuff and my question I was telling this Donna Walker any American Legion magazine this month made magazine it's got article about the military and UFOs instead of so I hope you'll check that out back to win and George I'm gonna get you some real quick I believe that this covert nineteen is a biological bomb log that I studied this when when I was a military police officer but it was with the Russians so that's my point on that but.

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