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I'm Toni Kroos, along with Eric Cantor Ski, ABC News senior investigative reporter and Aaron, a federal judge in Texas. Now the U. S. Air Force 60% to blame For that deadly 2017 shooting at the first Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. How did he come up with this? Yeah, Tony. It's interesting. Look, the Sutherland Springs Church shooting was the money that was the worst mass shooting in a house of worship in American history. 26 people killed Ranging in age from 5 to 72. There's only one shooter. It's Kevin Kelly. Here's the one that that's to blame but in a civil lawsuit brought by families of victims Judge said that the Air Force shared responsibility, in fact, most of the responsibility because the Air Force failed to report Kelly's history of violence to the FBI and the background check system. That might have prevented Kelly from obtaining the gun that he used in the mass shooting. It's interesting because the U. S background check system for firearms hit an all time high more than 300,000 last year, and so we're seeing some information like that, But I wonder long term. Would this make or put some more pressure seemingly on gun stores. Perhaps gun ranges to make sure they do background checks and maybe even friends and family that just passed firearms on to their family members or friends. Well, look, I mean, that's the hope, right? I mean, the country's submerging from one pandemic straight into another, I mean, and amid increasing gun violence all around the country, and it's not just in mass shootings. It's in domestic violence and suicide and, you know, gang activity. I mean, it runs the gamut, but here The The onus, the judge said, was on the air Force to alert the FBI to Devin Kelly's history of domestic abuse and violence. The statements that he made threatening to shoot members of his own service in the Air Force. And the Air Force just failed to do it now. The Air Force said that it didn't have to because government agencies, including the Defense Department, are are exempt from required, reporting that that may not apply to other types of entities. But The judge still said the air Force had the obligation and failed to exercise reasonable care. All right, So you said, this is a civil case. So now what's the penalty for the airport? Well, we'll see. This is now going to give the families the opportunity to try and and and sue for damages and win some money from the from the government from the Air Force as they try to You know, collect something out of the pieces of the Sutherland Springs shooting, and I think this ruling is a way to kind of allocate who's ultimately going to have to pay. All right, Erin Khutor Ski ABC News Thanks for your time this morning. Erin is always here with the Scottish Gerald..

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