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There are more emperor penguins in Antarctica, than was previously thought. Despite being the largest penguins around emperors tricky defined as they breed on sea ice in some of the coldest and least hospitable parts of the planet. But researchers at the British Antarctic survey have been using high resolution satellite imagery to discover unknown colonies often at the edge of the known Emperor Penguin? Breeding. In a recent paper, they purported eight new colonies and confirmed the existence of three more bringing the total across the continent to sixty one. This suggests that there may be between five and ten percent more emperor penguins than previously known but there such as one that many of these new colonies are in places that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Read more on that in remote-sensing in ecology and conservation. Microsoft Excel. The widely used spreadsheets software has been causing some headaches genesis by auto correcting the names of genes. For example, if a researcher inputs, the name March one which is short for membrane Associated Ring C. H. Type Finger one excel has an unfortunate tendency to reformat the name into a date the first of March. These. Kinds of reformatting problems surprisingly common with one twenty, sixteen study finding that a fifth of papers had some kind of exile era. The solution renaming the jeans over the past year. Some twenty twenty-seven human genes have been renamed to avoid xl Aras and this week the Hugo Gene Nomenclature Committee have announced new guidelines, the naming genes and proteins so as to avoid autocorrect issues. Read the announcement over at. Nature Genetics. Next up reporter Alex Jennings has been finding out how an unusual instrumental arrangement has revealed new information about how humans synchronize. Sixteen violinists sit in a circle. They're playing this repeating twelve note melody. The whole group is to play in synchrony, but each violinist can only hear the two immediate neighbors. This is because they're wearing noise cancelling headphones and.

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