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Defamation Michelle Morello WTO P news Good friends good morning April 13th 1248 in the morning on WTO feed Get a party to rich hunter in the WTO feed traffic center All right traveling on the bellway in Maryland pretty good drives from Montgomery and prince George's county is no incident in your way I 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway for now with that issue between the two ballets two 70 north and south and the mainland you're good between the beltway and Frederick Still working in the local lanes nor found near shady grove road single file left kitchen Bible was not causing much in the way of delays but be aware they're there also working your found Connecticut avenue between manner road and Jones bridge road headed toward the beltway works in along the right side you stay left to get by Also working avlon New Hampshire avenue nor found just north of crest haven drive headed toward Schindler drive single file right past the work If you're traveling up a Damascus emergency work on one O 8 between woodfield road and Annapolis rock road alternating traffic one direction at times it works out Again they do have the 24 hour work sent in effect on three 40 yeast foundation east of Maryland one 80 petersville single right leg at you by the bridge deck work working westbound as well tonight single left lane gets you by down in southern Maryland on route four on the governor Thomas Johnson bridge alternating traffic one direction at a time to work so there are delays there from time to time even at this early morning hour and down in Stafford county I 95 south between route 6 30 Stafford and the interchange for centerport Parkway and there you're down to a single right lane when you're moving they did have traffic stopped for an extended period so there's still some delays there as a result Rich hunter W chip traffic We saw a gorgeous day on our Tuesday with a high of 80° that was tied for the highest temperature so far this year We'll beat that on Wednesday going for high of 83 with great conditions.

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