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Progressive insurance. Guest join us on the goodyear hotline alan cohen. J. will and the coach. Seth greenberg joining us as well. This morning notorious. Rg and let's just. Let's just begin right. There is this the year every run. Has something magical in it right every championship run has something magical in it and what. We saw saturday night. Was that the magic that gonzaga needed to complete this mission. Well first off every team that wins the championship. You go through close games like that. You go through games where there are those small decisions that happen. Seth that ultra game. I'll give you one of them. Thought was probably one of the biggest plays of the game bigger. It's one you're going hear coach. You say this. I'm not coaching on thinking like a coach. More and more. Because i've been around. Seth greenberg a lot for last years of my life drew timmy. Seth four fouls drawing that at that juncture of the game was it was a huge play. And i know it won't get the same kind of love that we're going to give jalen suggs but somebody stepping in those are the defining plays that win championships and those are the plays that mark view and his team when they come back. Of course everybody talking about jalen suggs and shot right but like plays throughout the course the really gaining inches of momentum throughout the course of a game those are the biggest plays in a tournament and those are winning championship caliber place. I think the interesting thing. Jay agree with that charge. Having four thousand. Stepping up and taking charge is ridiculous. I mean being a right place being active being alert off the ball stepping up Taking away basket the play that he made right there was like the alert is to get there and make that play but there are a couple of places to me that would just ridiculous jones. Sox's block gets hung up on that ball screen. They got a switch. Timmy steps up and levels the ball off. He comes back he blocks. It gets back in bounds. Which i'm not sure if he was all right advances the ball and then that bounce pass that past tense unwritten down. The floor was absolutely sick. That was magic. Ask that was jason kidd jason kidd. That was ridiculous. And then mark. Few with timmy. At four comes into the overtime it goes bam bam bam. We're punching it right off that middle ball screen right down to gut to me. And he delivers basket basket basket. But you see wouldn't die. I mean like that was just. That was drama. That was an event that was one of the best. Most well played basketball games. I've seen in years. Ucla fifty seven hundred field forty seven from the three only ten turnovers compete in the way. They competed whether it's hawkins john zang. It was easy. I gotta tell you. I'm happy. I made it to the game because i almost got lost with the whole miley cyrus concert. The concert was an hour long. I'm like how many songs is she actually going through saying. I got a little bit distracted. And then i came back for the game. I was locked in. It was like a rain delay. There's no doubt about it. So according to espn stats information consolidate ucla combined to shoot fifty eight point. Two percent the highest combined field goal percentage in a final four game since yeah that eighty five national championship with villanova and georgetown. They combined for sixty three percent villanova. They didn't miss in that game to end up winning and it felt like. Ucla could've pulled up the same type of upset by the way standing ovation. For mick cronin his program and what they did ucla and what they're going to be doing going forward. We have to definitely point that part of it out but this get nine thousand nine. Lead changes just insane. How entertaining this game was. And so i gotta ask this and i will duck after asking it. We got the match up. Now that we've wanted we got the headline matchup gonzaga baylor. However did we already get the best game in the tournament. no we don't know yet but did not knocked will be hard to live up to this one this game. This game tonight feels like the cigarette after you know what i'm saying. No it does not. The best game in the tournament is winners. The best talent on the court and it's not a knock to ucla. I think ucla had a hell of a year. And i i agree with cronin seth. I don't know if you disagree. But i feel like they have turned into one of the best teams in the country. But i want to see the thoroughbreds. A- baylor their guard play go against alexa gonzaga. Like these to me are the two best teams in all college basketball. And they're playing tool this best styles basketball right now. Ucla's conversation but baylor's guards in the way they play. How fast can play how they can score how they can defend. I wanna see particular matchups. That i've been waiting to see because i will put that benchmark to see okay. Guards are really really good. Jalen your sounds really good. I want to see him. Go against fast elite defense. I wanna see that. Seth wayne mitchell suggs is going to be an incredible. You switch perimeter action electrical handoff action before they get that high middle ball screen. I think a couple things are going to be interesting to back. Court matchups can be fascinating. Look baylor guards. Score eighty three percent of their points eighty three percent of their points. It's absolutely incredible on the other hand. You got a team. Scores fifty points a game in the paint. Fifty points at fifty six in the paint against ucla. That's absurd that's absolutely absurd. Now i think pace it. A game is going to be interesting. One thing that bail. I i understand baylor wants to play fast. I understand baylor appleseed. A great guard play but they still gotta take care of the basketball and they shot selection has got to be good the they're reckless with the ball if they're reckless in their shot selection. You know what's going to happen going to get out in transition. Play ahead of the defense will be laid in the other abacus. Gonzaga's flow in their early. Hit is absolutely ridiculous. Vans jay. I'll tell you the other thing. Jay will talk about this all the time and you and i was a team square off in graphic on the screen. I'm not sure if we're supposed to go through that but You're the a nine point game. Obviously that team really really scores. But you know we always talk about gonzaga. They haven't played. They haven't played their schedule. Their league well first of all they challenge themselves don conference. They really challenge himself conference. I mean and they should've had the ballard damon had delayed officer it but they played the candidates. They played the west. Virginia's they played the virginia's they had. They had an incredible non conference schedule. They played up but they every time they've been pushed to the brink every time they've had game pressure. They've made a play. No they have guys can make plays. They've made a play but on the other hand when baylor came out of that pause. They weren't baylor but if you look at their. They weren't ballard defensively. Especially but now you look at their defensive numbers forty four from the field twenty nine from the three point line play in arkansas and wisconsin and villanova instill force in sixteen and a half turnovers a game all of a sudden as you would say. They got their swag. Guess do so. I gotta tell you. Though for some players have dreams when it comes to the final fours and some other players have nightmares. And i'm just going to tell you. I feel like this is as great of a years. It was her mick cronin and ucla player. There's also that nightmare. And seth i'm going to say this and i'm sure it's going to bring you back to this place you know that if you're able to score block it and the dwindling seconds you tie the game you needed to tie the game you automatically like you always have to think next play right and one of the things i know is going to haunt ucla. Is you score that bucket. Where all your players turnaround defensively. Where are we because one thing you can't let happen is you can't let somebody just turn face and mosey their way on up the court seth for. Ucla if you're able to get defensively in that position after ot after you make that bucket and really forced jalen slugs to not change direction a couple times. He.

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