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The unexpected as the mid and wash asleep. You're inside the box. Oddities Gordon. Teething is hard but we we are learning things. Here's a list of observations in things that we have learned During the past few weeks at a very small bowl of trail mix and then looked at the back and realized that I just ate sixteen weeks worth of calorie consumed. I overheard cat in the kitchen saying to no one in particular. Bread is the best I will fight you. I got my first Lego set and I'm obsessed with it. The UPS guy knocked at the door and immediately leapt to my feet and assumed a defensive posture. Were watching the mental and furiously congratulate ourselves when we get the WHO done it right even though we've watched the entire series already. It's high fives all the way in every adjusted. How I look at clothes now. I just have daytime. Pj's in nighttime PJ's. There was a brief period of time. Though where I would wear my daytime. Pj until about four o'clock roughly happy hour and then I'd put my pants on for three hours. And then I put my nighttime jammies just want to feel like you've accomplished something and I applaud you. Also we've been taking an extraordinarily long showers lately. What's happening? I don't know I think our DNA is being fundamentally altered during this process. Who knows what we're going to become you know in the last episode. You mentioned Ted Bundy. We talked a little bit about Ted Bundy and interestingly in this happens to me all the time whenever something comes up in conversation. Oftentimes an article pertaining to that will show up. And that's what happened. We were talking about Ted. Bundy and I immediately found this article about him. That I thought would be really interesting. And yet we've still not seeing any ads for trombones. We should explain that. Oh okay we're currently running an experiment. We want to find out how close Alexa is listening to us. And if it affects the ads that we see in our feeds so we just occasionally will say around Alexa. Gee I wish I had a trombone. I wish I knew where to buy. One drones or great is there any good sales on trump? Wow so far nothing. We have way too much time knocked down a tree. That's pretty much our week right there but something strange is going on at Florida State Prison. Oh really at least. That's what some of the guards and other employees say in. It's been going on since the day. Ted Bundy was put to death. Okay Ted Bundy was executed at seven. Am On January twenty fourth nineteen eighty-nine and what happened in a few hours leading up to his date with the electric chair. And what happened after is really quite interesting. What's behind the reports coming out of Florida state prison that claim the guards and other staff members refused to enter the execution chamber alone even to this day? Theodore Ted Bundy. The world has never really seen a monster. Quite like this guy He was handsome. He was charismatic. Well educated Bundy did not fit the profile of the sadistic rapist. Necrophile in serial killer. That he was he fooled a lot of people indeed mostly because of his good looks charm and his confidence which should tell us more about us than it does about him. I'm just saying his demeanor would allow him to stalk his victims in public places. In broad daylight there is actually a comment on the freaks. Facebook group They were talking. About's brushes with the serial killers and somebody said that their father Bar in Florida and Ted Bundy used to come in. Hang out in and he would talk. Teddy Thought Ted was a great guy freaky until of course he was arrested and he couldn't believe that. Ted Bundy would do these things. He was accused of so. He went to one of the trials. He went to the courtroom and he said he could not believe the difference in the Ted Bundy. That was in the courtroom in the Ted Bundy. That was. Were knocking back scotches with yeah. He was Someone who wore masks for sure in January nineteen eighty bundy stood trial in. Orlando where he was convicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of Kimberly Leach. Ted Charisma was on full display in the courtroom. In fact in the final statement is this blew my mind. The Judge Judge Coward. His final statement appeared to be almost complimentary of Ted Bundy. He told Bundy quote. Take care of yourself young man I say that to you sincerely take care of yourself please. It is an utter tragedy for this court to see such a total waste of humanity as I've experienced in this courtroom. You're a bright young man. You would have made a good lawyer and I would have loved to have you practice in front of me but you went another way partner. Take care of yourself. That's gross. He went on to say. I don't feel any animosity toward you. What I want you to know that once again. Take care of yourself. Bundy was a master manipulator during the trial. Ted had a girlfriend. Her name was Carolyn Boon right and he wanted to marry her old Florida. Law stated that a declaration of marriage in court in front of a judge is considered a binding agreement and since the peer could not find a minister to oversee their vows and officials at the orange. County jail prohibited that they use the facilities Chapel Bundy. Of course being a law student found this loophole right and what he did is he called her as a witness and then he proposed to her on the stand gross and the state had to recognize their marriage even though he was incarcerated that led to the birth of daughter. I didn't know this. Did you know this. I didn't know about the fact that they got married via witness stand. This is all very new to me. The birth of his daughter Rose took place on October. Twenty fourth nineteen eighty two in that. Yeah that's an entire store into itself. The fact the serial killer Ted Bundy managed to get married and impregnate someone while incarcerated for killing several people including a twelve year. Old Child was an astonishing bit of news. It didn't take long for the media to Hound Boon for details surrounding Bundy's daughter. She wouldn't tell them anything she basically said. This is none of your business. Bundy was not permitted. Conjugal visits while on death row so rumors began to circulate about the logistics of Roses Conception. Some speculate that Boone had smuggled condom into prison. Bundy deposited his genetic material into it. Tied it shut returned it to her through a kiss. That's a lot of work. Couldn't shave just bang some other dude hang once. That final appeal had been exhausted. His demeanor changed from cocky self assuredness to nerve wracked in fearful. The night before his execution was to be carried out. Bundy conducted a last interview with Christian broadcaster. James Dobson and Dobson said the Bundy wept several times while talking to him he he expressed great regret remorse for what he had done for to the families and he was sorry that the families were hurting. Bunny was asked what he wanted for his last meal. He said he didn't want anything so they brought him like a standard last meal. Which is steak and eggs and Hash? Browns what it sat there untouched. He didn't eat it. Bundy spent the evening praying for several hours. He even pleaded with God he then placed two calls to his mother and Tacoma Washington to say farewell an La Times article says gone was the storied cockiness. He was Ashen. Est guards led him to the death chamber to be executed for the nineteen seventy-eight rape and murder of a twelve year old girl. They strapped his chest and arms and legs to the shiny wooden chair. Bundy's is searched for familiar faces behind the glass. He nodded to some of the forty two witnesses including the men who had prosecuted him. His lips moved in a faint mumble. The Shave Skull glistened where they had applied an appointment that would enhance the work of the electrodes. They asked him what his last words were in. His voice quavered. Jim and Fred. I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends. Jim Coleman which was one of his attorneys nodded. They gave the order. The execution was carried out at seven sixteen. Am Ted Bundy. One of the most active killers of all time was pronounced dead in an article from psychology today in two thousand one a guard from Florida state. Prison where Bundy spent his final days told a reporter that shortly after Bundy was put to death. Several guards saw him sitting casually on the electric chair. Here we go. The guard described Bundy's expression as quote unknowing. Smile as if he knew something important about the afterlife that they did not if a guard.

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