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Elmer Fudd's favorite buddy Kenny we have a we have a fun guest coming up plus the journal and then you've asked for it and we heard you Stephanie Hansen returns to give the very dramatic follow up to her Christmas party guests story that shocked the nation that's all coming up right now briefly before we have my buddy John from triple a standing by but before we do that I one of the promises made promises kept off Phil Jones a canny assigned field to find out the history of plexi glass that's what we're talking about before we went to the break I have just a little bit about plexiglass so if you've ever wondered what we were talking about where did it come from because now it's everywhere I did not know this it was created in nineteen oh one one but it will it took thirty years to work out how to market it sold nineteen thirty three was the first time you can buy flexi glass it's made of polymers of methyl methacrylate and it yeah and methacrylic acid and that's about it so there we go there is flexible thank you there's a little learning moment from Phil Jones contacts thank you Phil you're very welcome we've been doing an ongoing series where we've been spotlighting our good friends are local our advertisers are local business owners who are partners with my talk to advertise with us every day every business is affected by.

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