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Um but i wasn't aware that it was it was it was into biosciences see on biosciences a 100percent owned by cpb equity company ltd an investment all of the crown property bureau that that bit multnomah yano i didn't know that either of a and then the krahn property bureau is controlling about eighty billion us dollars in assets so they probably are involved in pretty much anything in in a thailand apparently the now rollout generics a produced under dues putting scheme which to cuban government and basically think that at some point they will become too large has generics producer in the asean region which i found quite astonishing only we managed to us guess through that story without a indigo cells on a lesson not just a charge which has got a reason to celebrate well that serve this took finally uh about the in the philippines uh we've got in the nikkei asian review philippine president to tatair declares marawi city liberated yes so this is a story that we've talked about on this program a couple of times already in in may basically a group of islamic fighters occupied a city in the southern philippines it was a local dispute that then basically escalated in an entire city was standing a under siege and so basically the the the filipino militry now declare uh to the city has been liberated now for me what was interesting about the story was of course that there was another story today and as your times that say now that rao caused phoolan in syria we probably going to see an influx of foreign fighters into southeast asia they come home from the middle east and so this a story here probably or reduce quote by do dare to prove we be too optimistic about having defeated isis and radical islam in southeast asia is mr deter a settling down of told them to his role.

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