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At cancercenter dot com this is fresh air let's get back to my interview with james komi his new memoir higher loyalty was published today i want to ask you about the hillary clinton emails that were found on anthony weiner's computer clinton's aide huma abedin had backed up her files on her husband anthony weiner's computer so in the separate investigation into anthony weiner those emails between huma abedin and hillary clinton were discovered or anthony weiner is computer and eleven days before the election you notified congress that those emails were discovered and now you had to investigate what was said in them andrew mccabe who was then the fbi deputy director had been told about these emails by the new york office about three weeks before your announcement when did you find out did mccabe tell you as soon as he knew somebody told me and i think it was andrew mccabe i'm not certain of that but someone at the fbi told me i think in the first week of october that there may be some connection between anthony weiner's laptop that was seized in a criminal case in new york and the mid year investigation which was the codename that the fbi had for the clinton email investigation i don't remember that conversation clearly an and that makes sense to me because how on earth could be a connection between anthony weiner is laptop and the clinton investigation and so i don't remember it clearly i remember clearly that andrew mccabe emailed me at five thirty in the morning on october twenty seventh telling me that the media team needed to meet with me and later that morning the team told me that they had found hundreds of thousands of hillary clinton emails on anthony weiner laptop didn't know how they got there and as you.

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