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I believe of that so again congratulations to coach lock it in kobe they did a fine job and enforce was sort of squeezie to this time but they squeak done another victory over nevada right air force did i tell you another threepoint win by the falcons so army and airforce give 3point land uh the falcon again made they jump out with touchdowns from a gear tamie with a fiveyard ron uh they get them on the board and now haven burned out of court another touchdown tied up at fourteen lifted nevada wolf pack and at the half air force it pulled ahead twenty eight and twenty arrives ronald cleveland took the pitch rob it from 43 are touchdown rock things were looking good for the falcons let the wolf pack would not go away they came back in the third quarter and tied the game up on a thirteen yard touchdown run by wyatt dump swamp again tied it up at 28 area and worth and air forces quarterback dan took a oneyard touchdown run go up 35 28 but to wolf pack jeff wouldn't go away as they came back and scored again to tied up airports went ahead a wolf pack tied it up again but would want seconds left to go the wolf pack is left too much time on on the clock widow want second left to go air forces kicker luke striebel it took thirty yard field goal to lift the foul comes to a 45 forty two victory gone love those feel goalkickers when they connect hey penny they don't want to october after the game of when the game was on live they have to come through when i moved here congratulations to uh air force they climb to three important went to win a conference you know they had a rough go at it for a while as they had a fourgame losing streak starting in ann arbor to michigan and then i ending with a threepoint loss to navy but they've come back and win their last two close games thirty four to thirty over unlv and 45 forty two open nevada and so then we got navy and this is that we knew they had a tall task in annapolis maryland navy marine corps stadium the university of central florida night brought their undefeated record and to annapolis plated midshipmen and.

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