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An idiot too because i'm even going to my club. Pod leadership team and unlike Can you help me out like bringing up to speed and they're all like oh my god. You got duncan trussell coming on i'm like Oh my god. I'm what rock have. I been living undermanned. So what a storied interesting career with all sorts of twists and turns and even in the. Oh my god like even in the world of. Mlm can you give us a sense. Just how do you even describe yourself like. I'm just trying to put you in a box. And i can't put you in a box man. So how how would you describe yourself in this moment. Somebody said hey dunkin what the hell you do. I mean you know to address the first thing you mentioned there. Which is this like. It's an odd thing when people apologize or like you have a sense. Like i don't know you are but i think that is kind of a reality that we're living in now is like we've branched off and tunneled off into our own little micro versus here so really. There wouldn't be much of a reason you might have. I mean i've got a animated series based on my podcast on netflix. Yeah but then. I wouldn't consider myself an animator you know and then but i do stand up comedy but you know. I've got imposter syndrome. Pretty bad in that regards. I don't know if i'm a comedian. And then like well podcast. But then like i listen to podcasts. My favorite murder. That are like. And i'm like glass podcasting. Yeah you know what i mean. So don't you kind of feel like there's a like the moment you start putting yourself into a box so to speak it that moment you you cut yourself off from like the reality of what it is to be a human right now. which is you know. we're all kind of. here's horrible. Word that you hear out in the industry that like they used to put it in early days when they couldn't say what you are. They call you up multi hyphen it. It was one of the most depressing labels. Imagine you know because it sounds like some some likes laboratory equipment or something but yeah. I don't know what i mean. I don't know so it's interesting right now i hear you. There's a great quote from oscar wilde oscar wilde. One said that if you know what you want to be then you inevitably become it. That is your punishment but if you never know then you can be anything and there is a truth to that. We are not now now. We are verbs. I'm not a thing in actor a writer. I'm a person who does things i write. I act and i never know what i'm going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun. Yeah yeah because then you start trying to be that thing or start over overexerting to make sure people like that. You live up to what in your mind or other people's expectations for whatever. The particular label is now. That's an important thing. Certain fields want my surgeon to be like. Hey i'm not really sure If i'm a surge in you know. I mean there's good surgeons out there but i wing time matter my airplane pilot for example but i you know i didn't verified as i. I had this wonderful conversation with someone about buckminster fuller who is making some. He was talking about like pirates like the history of pirates pirates. Were like had to be good at everything you know like. They were politicians. They were sailors they were warriors are artists. You know our poets explorers. They you know the that there that was..

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