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I would appeal to Edwards argument which I think is powerful and in the end for which God created the world that if he isn't self-seeking then he would be imperfect as God he needs to kick his own good but he is also other seeking seeks the good of others. That's that's the point is once he's self-seeking billion. He stops being the loving wage whatever that this verse describes this versus describing what love is he is not that thing he's not think we'd have to go back kind of stuff and I don't need a Greek in that passage, but it might have the connotation and denotation of being exclusively self-seeking mean you can be self-seeking while also at that point. There's not proud about that one. He's very proud of himself. Give me all the attention to look at me me me me. I did this I did that. thought the whole Old Testament. Look what I did. brought you out of Egypt dude made this giant theatrical show for no reason. Killing a bunch of kids and then he wants to be worshiped and praised for it throughout the whole Old Testament whole Old Testament. Hello. Get me what I did for you. Come on guys. I mean that's that's Pride right there. He's so proud of both after he's very boastful. So this is pride if we look at that price, it's vicious pride is it is just it says not proud. Well, there are two kinds of fried one is opposite humility. That's bad. The other is opposite shame and that's good. So you don't have any kids right or do you ma'am I do home? Are you proud of your kids Michael? Sometimes I am proud of the things they do and sometimes I wonder why they did the things they do and I think it would be appropriate to be proud in the sense of not being ashamed of the fact that you have a successful podcast. There's.

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