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Which is becoming more and more extreme what are we talking about how that gun control push isn't just aimed at legislators anymore now they're aiming directly of corporations and corporations are getting this is the venture. WMAL FM Woodbridge Washington while five point nine FM W. H. Q.. where Washington comes to talk. advance warning child separation anxiety about because. a stark warning in advance of hurricane Dorian to everyone in the storm's path a large digital screen alongside a major highway running into Charleston South Carolina reads hurricane Dorian leave now some people are heeding the call to evacuate North Carolina governor Roy Cooper do not try to ride it out but you are hard pressed to find locals in coastal towns who are leaving take Robert for example whose parents are going to stay in nearby Wilmington but he's going to ride it out at their property last year after Florence we're out power eight days and that was insane this one project in the come on three pretty fast said it Bob Constantini Wrightsville beach North Carolina the death toll from Dorian in the Bahamas is at least twenty with thousands of homes destroyed or damaged correspondent Hattie Kauffman is in Freeport there are areas which are still water rescues taking place where they're still under water or or the water is too deep there to go all by car or go by the vehicles everyday behave means hi the United Nations said seventy thousand people in the Bahamas need immediate humanitarian relief course managers because Snyder reports a health and Human Services inspector general report shows migrant children separated from their parents at the U. S. Mexico border last year experienced heightened feelings of anxiety and loss this was an in depth investigation over the course of two months to really study how well equipped these facilities were during the height of the family separations last year and how quick they were to deal with the mental health needs in particular of children and the report's conclusion here is that they weren't adequately prepared for equipped former White House counsel in the Obama administration Greg Craig was found not guilty of lying to the justice department about work he did for the government of Ukraine stocks ended the day higher the Dow rising to thirty seven the S. and P. up thirty two points the nasdaq gained a hundred and three. W. mail news at ten to all right here's a prince George's county police officer is being accused of a sex offense prince George's county state's attorney I use a brave boy announcing a grand jury has indicted police lieutenant Richard talent of second degree sex offense the officers accused of assaulting a woman while he was off duty back in February of twenty seventeen the indictment comes after an investigation by the prince George's county police department's internal affairs division police now say the officer has been suspended without pay Barbara brit WMAL and WMAL dot com three people including two juveniles were shot in northeast DC this morning it appears the two juveniles are students at schools in the area police chief Peter notion says the shootings in Marvin Gaye park took place just after nine AM you know whenever we have young people that are shot the city is a very very serious concerns all of us and you know and the fact that these are children I'll have to look into you know why they weren't in school school what's in high school nearby was put on lockdown for a time none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries police are looking for one suspect that to be a teenager as well John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com a federal judge has ruled that the government's watch list of more than one million people identified as known or suspected terrorists violates the constitutional rights of those on the list the Wednesday ruling grants a summary judgment to nearly two dozen Muslim US citizens to challenge the watch list with the help of a Muslim civil rights group I nearly fifty Maryland lawmakers are calling on the state board to compensate five men who were wrongly convicted of crimes in spent one hundred and twenty years in prison the board includes governor Larry Hogan attorneys have requested the state compensate them one hundred thousand dollars for each year of incarceration a total of twelve million dollars WMAL news time kind of. W. and mail tracking whether the hygiene carpet cleaning traffic.

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