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There is a development in the recall election tonight. The secretary of state will release the final list of candidates to replace gavin newsom. Forty two is the number over the weekend the fi but in a developed into safta noon a sacramento judge ordered the secretary of state to include talk host larry elder on the recall ballot so he won in court He sued alleging he was unfairly excluded in court. Filings argued that state. Election laws mandating. Tax disclosures technically only applies to the primary races and after a short hearing sacramento superior court judge. Laurie earle ruled in favor. Ordered weber's office to put him on there for the recall and said i don't find that the recall election is a direct primary election ballot. I don't find that. Mr elder was required to file tax returns at all. They forgot to put recall elections. Did it's a bill that was signed in two thousand nineteen because of trump right and it requires gubernatorial. Candidates release five years of tax returns now. Most of the candidates did release five years of tax returns. There is some discrepancy and elders return and then the judge said well. He didn't even have to submit one which means none of these people had to submit it. Oh and i guess caitlyn jenner did. Yeah so we. She took an earnings dive. I saw yellow identified hundred fifty thousand dollars. I don't i don't know how she's gonna make considering. It was in the millions and well. That's why she's in australia doing a reality show and not running. That is an insult. Isn't an insult to the people. Honest to god but a lot of nerve and that is one of the Caitlyn jenner's campaign is of the worst. I've ever seen i honestly i don't know what's going on. But that's that's a complete right off your vote by the way in the interviews. She has a real handle on the issues. No no she doesn't. That is complete wasted. Vote you don't you don't want hers governor right. She has no idea what she's doing. Another ruling was made by another superior. Court johnson sacramento. And i'm afraid. This judge rejected kevin faulkners request to be listed as retired san diego mayor on the recall ballot rejected. He will be listed probably as businessmen slash educate tour according to his spokesman Have a lot of details on this ruling stupid. Anybody who's held office ought to be able to put that as as scripture i. I don't understand that. I mean i mean that. That's his main calling. Card is the iran iran san diego for six years. Why can't he show that he's got..

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