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And to look at the W w j Accu weather forecasts in meteorologist Steve Travis house the rest of the day going to play out Steve. Well, I think they will see some snow developing we go through the rest of the day. Not in the short term, at least, I think we'll just see these clouds stick around. But then by the middle of the afternoon. Some snow will start to move in. I think around three o'clock three four o'clock. We'll see the snow get underway, and then that'll continue through this evening and into tonight, not a whole lot of snow overall one to three inches, but that'll be certainly enough to make some slippery conditions. So keep that in mind, especially if you'll be out late this afternoon this evening and then early tomorrow morning kind of do a high of twenty nine today sustained pretty cold and then the low tonight down to twenty. Give me some lingering flurries around tomorrow morning and some slick spots still otherwise mainly cloudy tomorrow high up to Twenty-eight still chilly on Tuesday with clouds some sunny breaks high around thirty than another storm moves in on Wednesday. This one's going to bring us mix. We'll see some snow at first, and then some sleet and freezing rain most likely Wednesday afternoon, and then perhaps even plane rain for a time late in the day. We'll get to a high of thirty six right now at Pontiac. It's twenty one metro airports twenty four in downtown. It's twenty two we're going to just twenty nine. I'm Accu weather meteorologist Steve Travis on W, W J NewsRadio. Dine fifty graphic and weather every ten minutes on the anytime at W W J, News Radio dot com. Your next report coming up at nine eighteen when snow covers Detroit. Newsradio nine fifty covers the story. Tune in for a traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the.

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