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And just like we'd kind of seen the last couple of weeks kind of a okay first half. But a lot better in the second half. They did especially on the defensive side of the football. They they really struggled Ohio State control Indiana early in the game. And actually was you know, I if you recall last year's Indiana game Joel was the season opener. It was Thursday night. And it was a very similar to the one last year where it was tight for about two and a half quarters and then Ohio State put it on. I'm back team ended up forty nine twenty one. This year's game ended up forty nine twenty six but certainly some red flags defensively in the first happened in the second half they held him to under a hundred yards and the offense kept doing what it was doing and Ohio State ended up pulling away. So do you feel like that second half performance compared to the first is that conditioning or is that coaching adjustments at half? Well, it's interesting. I was thinking that they must have made a bunch of adjustments at half time. But according to Greg Seattle the defensive coordinator, they did not. She said it was just simply a matter of them playing better defensively in the second half as opposed to the first half. They didn't really make any huge adjustments. But I do think adjustments for Ohio State and the coaching staff that they have is a key factor for this team. I certainly think against TCU there were some against Penn State. There were the seems like eighteen bat is a better second second half team against when they play competition. That's kinda hanging in there with them. You know, you don't have to make a lot of adjustments when you're playing to lane. But some of these big ten teams that are going to take your best punch, you sometimes they're going to have to make adjustments that make a difference in this this Ohio State staff. I think is well equipped to do that. And do you feel like it would? I mean, my son and I were watching the game. And I'm like looking at him going. I haven't heard them mentioned chase young. Yeah. I haven't heard that mentioned Draymond Jones. And then finally like an late in the third early in the fourth. He finally started here. Those guys names. Yeah. Chase had kind of a quiet game until you're right late in the game. Draymond jones. He's in a difficult position to make a lot of impact. Which is why he's so impressive because he does playing in the interior on the defense a lot of times those guys will do their job. But you don't hear a lot about them because they're getting push. I also remember he's dealing with a foot injury sprained ankle and in the Penn State game in left that stadium in a walking boot. And was wearing a walking boot all week. He said he only took like sixteen live stabs during the week of practice. So I'm not making excuses for him. But certainly he's hobbled this team. Joel right. Quite honestly right now is banged up. They they've got a lot of guys that are dealing with Nixon pains you've got Jonathan Cooper starting defensive end and me Harrison starting linebacker both left the game in a cart. We'll find out more about their status coming up today when coach Meyer talk, so this is a team that's a couple of ways weeks away from its. Bye week and could really use one right now to try to get a little bit healthier. Yeah. And that's the thing. You know, when you pull back and say, okay. This might be the most exciting stretch of football for the season this year. But you just got to keep notching some wins and getting healthy and healthy a lot of times as the game. And you talk about Dwayne Haskins and the Heisman. I mean, dude is in the mix as long as he stays healthy. Now, there's a couple of times and he's running the ball. Just kind of took my breath away. Matthew. Yeah. Boy, they actually called some cold runs early in that game. And I was thinking to myself. I don't know if I like the quarterback run with this kid, you know. That seems a little seems a little dangerous. But yeah, he I don't know what you say about the kid. He was tremendous three yards away from our sh- leasers single game passing record some of the passes were on the money. He did get hit a bit in the first half, especially. But I you know that offense line ended up giving him plenty of time. The only concern I would have right now. Offense is they are struggling to run the ball with any consistency. I mean three point two yards per carry against the Indiana defense. They got stopped on a fourth down in the second half, those kind of things they got to iron out. But boy, oh boy when they passed the ball good things seem to be happening. And that's what's fun to watch. No doubt. We'll be listening for you all week, Matthew. That's our sports director Matt McCoy on the buckeyes.

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