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States theory was that david killed lisa when he found this out david had several supporters of his innocence including a twenty four year old girlfriend rachelle louise who said she was giving up her career as a banker to write a story about the case so where did this happen this is an australian crime oh my gosh i think i've book for this call this a book called the fall i think i do plan on doing it in august to look for it sounds like i was hoping i was just kind of ghoul and around and i didn't find that much information about it while it sounded interesting to me i wasn't sure how much we could find on the case this is a case i was looking at a few weeks ago 'cause there was a book called the fall about it and it interested me because i'm terrified of heights of course read into i fell right into it and so if i'm correct about this grace we will be doing that in august the other interesting thing david apparently had a bunch of groupies after he was arrested after he was arrested bundy thing so this twenty four year old girlfriend was just one of dozen women who attended his trial and professed his innocence that's the thing right look at the menendez brothers women all over this interesting story yeah definitely the other interesting thing when i was looking this girlfriend rachelle louise closely resembled lisa harnam the dead girlfriend that's fascinating it has to be a whole psychology behind that right type yeah thanks grace look that up okay last one this is a continent in kind of a public service announcement okay this is from cindy dear dick and jill just finish listening to the baby cooper case cooper harris really the russ harris case so this case was all over the savannah morning news so tragic and that a precious life was lost when it could have been prevented i have heard for several summers particularly about pets and children being left alone in high cars on noaa weather radio in the past.

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