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Lower rates call a local Allstate agent and get a quote now I'm W. okay wanted religious memeluk debate with a Friday forecast it'll feature increasing cloud cover it's going to be chilly today highs only near forty degrees will have temperatures actually climbing through the forties as we move through tonight and rain showers develop we're gonna have some soaking rain it through at least the first half of your Saturday will turn a little drier late day highs are gonna be mild near fifty seven but turning sharply colder Sunday mostly sunny with highs only here twenty nine after WLKY forecast I'm meteorologist Matt below so that Matt thank you twenty seven it news radio eight forty WHAS little full men's clinic dot com you can go tonight get the most out of your smart speaker before it becomes self aware now you answer to destroy humanity Alexis remind me to win one thousand dollars when should I remind you if you were to texting wind comes after the news at the top of the hour on US radio eight forty powered by Tom Trexler plumbing air and electric here's Tom Drexler this is Tom Drexel com rectal plumbing and electric you have a plumbing heating or cooling electrical made just dial one time Drexler schedule online Tom Drexler dot com hi everybody bobs ago or the circle were team remax properties east on the next little real stage show the twenty twenty real estate predictions that may surprise you buying or selling we want to help join me popsicle or the little realistic show Sunday eight thirty AM on newsradio eight forty WHAS we're speaking with four oh one K. rollovers specialist Tony Walker Tony what is the best time for savers to roll over there for a one K. plan that's a really good question and while certainly anyone can move there for one K. over to an adviser the biggest misconception among savers is that they cannot move their four oh one K. and tell after they retire now most cases you can roll over that for one K. before you retire you can move a previous for one K. from a previous employer over to someone like us in most cases if you're over the age of fifty nine and a half even if you're still working you can roll that money over to safer territory with us and finally as we just mention of course when you terminate employment for any reason you should seriously look at rolling that for one K. over to an independent fiduciary so that we can get the most out of that four oh one K. for you and safeguard that money for your future thanks Tony to schedule your free meeting with Tony to discuss your four oh one K. log on to Tony Walker financial dot com this is the last chancellor it's happening in just days publishers clearing house will award five thousand dollars a week forever enter now at PCH dot com and you could win five thousand dollars a week for your life plus after that five thousand dollars a week for life for someone you choose the five thousand dollars a week forever prize is guaranteed to be awarded on February twenty eighth so don't miss your last chance to win enter at PCH dot com before it's too late that's PCH dot com award day is almost here go to P. C. H. dot com now entries do to twenty five no purchase necessary void where prohibited Rev up your weekend at the local Auto Show January seventeenth to the nineteenth at the Kentucky exposition center test drive over sixty vehicles right at the show go to Louisville Auto Show dot com for discount tickets and more info.

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