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Built in the early forties. My grandparents bought three hundred and twenty acres farmland in Oklahoma animal. No. Yeah. That'd be four hundred acres. Okay. Go ahead. All that comes in later with my cousin. Oh, well done. Well done. Go ahead. My mom was about Jenner eleven at the time. She helped them farm the land which happens at three twenty went to my uncle her. Only brother, my grandpa kept eighty acres and eighty acres were designated as my mom, switch my grandparents house. Well, my mom got married and followed mine, you just shouldn't bother out here in California. But we stayed in constant contact and returned there every summer to visit. My grandpa challenging the lake Kennedys. My grandma started getting old. Can't realize that if my grandma died, my mom would inherit her eighty acres, so she had to be gotten out of the picture. So what they did they under duress? Tried to convince my mom that she was standing in the way of my grandma's needed medical care. Because of the house. Mom says well, if it'll help sell you the house and simply the land beneath it make Rolex twenty six hundred thirty three thousand around that area. Well, mom, she still retain her. Inheritance? But imagine my surprise when at the end of January, I saw on Facebook that my cousin the ass had parceled out the land, including my mom's into five separate parcels. And but you're still but your mom's still retain title, correct? Oh, it was all under my Grandpa's name. Okay. So someone in your grandpa died. Yes. So who inherited it went to my grandma? Okay. And she died she died. Okay. So who inherited that's question was was there a well with a probate ever opened? Masculine. No. Well, then your brother the ass cannot sell property. That's not in his name. I don't quite understand. How you do that? That's right. I mean, it was it was all her my Grandpa's name. But folks, they realized that my mom needed to be out of the picture. I understand but that she transferred title does she have title. No, it was it was still all under my grandma then. All right. So the point is is that I'm assuming it's still under their name or legally should be. I not sure when did this. When did this happen? What my grandpa died in the late seventy s my grandma died in the mid eighty good. So the early talking forty years ago that's easy to do. So the property has now been sold transferred. You have no idea who owns it. And you want to go back forty years. No half of that has sold the other half, which I believe, including my mom's eighty acres. But the point I want to address is the then lying about I understand. But now, we're trying to get okay. We'll get to that. At some point when you're talking about duress. But we're talking time. I all right. When did the last sale transference where your mom's somehow no longer had the property when did that occur in the eighties? Supposedly occurred in the eighties when she sold what stay claim was her entire eighty acres. But how can she sell it? If she doesn't own it. Well, it was an inherited. That's the way the farm property work back. Then, you know. No, no, no. You still had to own property before you sold. It the person who is on title is the one that gets the money or a trust that that is on title to the property if it was your grandparents had had the title that all Seddon probate is an open. So a kid comes in and says, I'm going to sell my grandparent's land. And the right. Why didn't I sell the land? I'm not on title either. And I could've gotten money maker can to farm it that doesn't matter. Of course, they continue to for me because the titleholder was dead. And there was no one there to argue. No, it's none of this makes any sense not a bit. And then why did you wait? And what did you find all this out? Incidentally, at the end of January this year when how did you how did you find out? How did you find out? My my cousins realtor listed. How proud you was to have. Handled the sale of three five parcel. Okay. And so did you play. Did you call the realtor? I sent him an Email, and then my cousin sent me a threatening letter back. Okay. Coptic my real trip because he has no information. Well, first of all you can talk contact his realtor all day long. I do. Okay. So that's not a problem. And I would ask the realtor. How do you sell a property that is not owned by whoever transferred the property? That's a question. I would ask the realtor. Yeah. Well, that's why they needed my mom's day law. Okay. What you're what you're wait. A second. Did your mom sign off on it? No. So we're going in circles, the realtor might be liable to the realtor might be liable for fraud, especially if it just happened. Yes. So with all that now. About they're lying about my mom impeding. My grandma you're never going to prove that you're not going to prove that they're always have my my cousin admits it on a messenger post. Well, if he admits it that he lied your cousin admitted that he lied and then had the property sold off. Correct. Why would he admit that? He lied to you because he didn't expect me his real turtle listed on Facebook. And for me to see it when I saw it. I car this is. Now, this is this is way too complicated for me. I just don't understand any part of it because we have gotten past the how to someone who doesn't hold titles sell a piece of property, and I've never been able to figure that one out other than committing outright fraud and forging a name, and and having a notary forge his or her name on it and notarize a document that is in fact fraud on his face. Oh god. Boy, this gets surprised that exhausted me that really exhausted me. And for those of you that fell asleep and hung up get back on the radio. Please. I would appreciate that. 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