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It's it's just kind of surreal in a way even though it's bittersweet I guess you can say yeah no I totally got it and it really is amazing that like yeah the that somebody. That's your age has that perspective. Everybody's got an opinion on Vince. Mcmahon and on wwe inside and outside the wrestling industry. Like everybody knows everybody's gotten opinion. Everybody thinks that he does this. But I mean there's so few people that actually understand what it is. I don't even understand what it is to actually worked directly with him and actually hear how his mind works and everything that to me would probably be the most fascinating part of the whole process that you went through. I think so. I mean 'cause it's that's that's the guy and I really didn't when I when when I took this job I didn't really know how directly that relationship would be. I didn't know that every single I made it a point of practically every single time at work. It's going to be hemmed. I in a room doing something you know. Or or me Pitching an idea. Or there's some sort of interaction and that they were all great experiences you know they were all tremendous learning experiences at made me better my position and there were. I learned and will just have you know from that. That promoter perspective me learned so much that now. I am able to take that and put that wherever. And there's a lot there's just so many great minds when you're when you're you know working with him in and Bruce and hunter and just and all the producers collectively you know just. I felt like I was in the. Who's who of wrestling minds. You know and really learning different people's leaderships styles and how they deal with talents and how they come up with ideas you know. Some guys were very good on coming up with creative. Finishes some are really really good at just knowing how to say the right thing to a talent to motivate them. It's not just about you know the story lines and it's about it's we're we're coaches we're not just producing matches. Were really responsible for bringing the best out of every single talent that there is you know. That's that's and being you know it. It's not an easy job either are we. We have to the the company comes first and we have to be the bearer bad news. I love the job I really do. And it was just such a tremendous at first a little seeing how everything was as within after a couple of weeks like to be in charge of matches that were very important high-calibre like I'm proud of that. Yeah how long does it take you to get rid of any imposter syndrome? That's how long does it take you to go like no. I'm fully capable of producing this matter. Nope I know exactly how to pitch to somebody like Vince. Mcmahon in and I can I can pitch this idea whether he likes it or not I know I know I can pitch this idea and be comfortable one of my favorite things and I didn't expect this was when I first got the the job I worried that going up there will if I work with particular talent. Say like around your more someone on you know. It's one thing if you have a fit Finlay or you know someone producing your match but you know I'm younger. I don't come from the W. World. Hauer certain talents going to react to me being. They're producing their match and I couldn't have been further wrong like the everybody was incredible and I was kind of shocked. People that you wouldn't expect to know the independent wrestling scene. They all knew who I was and that to me when I'm not seeing from ego saying because I was surprised right I was really surprised. How no we we know of? You were aware view and it that imposter syndrome. It goes away quickly because people can see through. You know one thing i. I want to hear the talents ideas first and then tweak them and then offer you know there are some people that I know in wrestling that they have their set. Mindset is how it's going to be and it doesn't work you know what I mean so that it was such an incredible and I bring up randy because like randy was so incredible know had a couple of his matches. Great any offer you know unique takes offer just a thing it. I really felt like I belonged. And you could see with you. Know how the outside Sling world matters. So that's the number one thing I take from that. Is that what you do in the wrestling business? Outside of their you know because there used to be thing that what you did before do we didn't matter well I'll tell you like it matters now. It was different back then or need us even different ten years ago but I think the respect of your peers happen with what you do outside of their because when you come in they'll be all I know that that person to have just for him where I know that person L. and other people I don't think you know it won't work out for them but is unique unique time. Yeah I'm sure Does your promoter part of your brain ever turn off like you ever go like okay. You know wrestle pros in good hands. I don't need to think about that or even like as this is all happening. Like as quarantine is starting even though you're not in your mind you're like well. I'm a producer with wwe. Now I don't really need to think about how to run show you know outside of this. Are you still somewhere in your brain going like okay? Well how would I have run? Shows how do I think this is all going to work out it at first when I first got up there It turned off for a little bit and I really delegated responsibility to to my crew and then towards the end I started taking habits that I developed up there and and kind of and they were more communication skills. There were more figuring away to Make finish his better figure out a way to kind of just. I took a lot. I got more involved towards the later months and now it's now it's really really kicked on. I mean to be perfectly honest to some things are in the act my brain. I love being a producer but being in my mid thirties. Anyone who's anyone can still go and wrestling still wants to perform this. Don't WanNa work. The you know that they wanna be in the ring or do something and like I always had that each however my jobs producer. That's what I do and happy to do it. And that's what you're I'm here for. It's like now that that's not happening. My I'm looking at it. From every perspective from the future promoting shows to producing my shows to be in a wrestler on my shows but everywhere else in essentially working with other companies to see where I land. Yeah Yeah I mean it's it's it's you're right about it being an amazing time and you have hit the ground running. Launching your podcast. The PAT buck show. Everyone's out so you can find it. Had Buck show of your search apple or wherever you get podcast. You'll find it. But you merely got back into podcasts world and I liked what I heard on the first episode where you're kind of and I think this is what people should do when they're podcasting sticking to your expertise in the sense that you're like it's a lot of it is focused on training and and helping wrestlers from that perspective and I feel like as a fan and maybe it's just because I'm so such a wrestling nerd like I'm GonNa WanNa listen to a podcast. That's intended to kind of teach wrestlers a little bit just because it'll help me as a fan understand the business more right. I've always felt that you know. Since obviously are you know we say the term sports entertainment or predetermined whatever may be? But I've always felt like if you pull the curtain back a little more that those people were not not fans like us will appreciate wrestling a thousand times over. They'll really get it. You know the PODCAST I want to. I really did. Miss podcasting and the premise of this show is kind of. I was trying to think about a particular avenue wrestling. But I'm kind of involved in a lot of stuff so I didn't know where to start. You know. My first episode is really kind of a calling card to those hitting the independence left w e because a lot of them don't know what to do even those at that broken enhancement about an experience. They leave their net Alan. They're kind of all. What do I do now? And I've seen a lot kind of make. The most of their paternity and use this time period to elevate themselves to go back and really cash in and make that impact. And then you've seen other people crash burn so. I kind of wanted to address that first episode just like. Hey I'm here for you guys but more so. This is what I kind of basic things. I think he should do or shouldn't do because I've navigated these waters for for a long time so Yet but also getting to training stuff you know I. I'm just count the number one thing I miss. The most is training school so I can't wait till opens back up. I'm just I'm just itching to hit the ground running even more and do something physical. Yeah did you have to take a couple of days after Would I mean I don't even really know the difference? I don't Know Business Enough. I guess but do you. Were you released furloughed or or you said earlier. You don't know you could be back tomorrow. You could never be back. You could be back after quarantine who knows. Is that kind of just where you're at pretty much. I mean I think the main reason why this this producers Every single week we have a live events right. And you have two to three depending on the show a raw brand show. You have to producers in charge. And we are the go-to guys were in charge of everything. If you have a combined show it's three to four producers meaning because they're bigger shows both talent from both brands and for tours always producer there. So now it's not just the TV's TV's are still running. They're they're doing what they're doing but we needed a huge group produce or enough of us to run these lap events. We don't know where live events are going so I think if that opportunity presents itself again I would have to happen when live events. Start opening up right. Because we're you know. Non Televised Stop the producers run run run shop where in charge so That's kind of the. I think everything. Just so gosh up in the air right now that we really don't know. I think that all of us collectively that were released or furloughed will will You know I think that everybody did a tremendous job. We had a great team so I think we could all go back eventually. If that's something doesn't pop up before them. Yeah I mean I'd have to imagine that it's kind of re- it's gotTa be reassuring on a certain level then clearly. These are not performance based cuts their situation based cuts and the fact is that they brought in a ton of new producers because the company grew and the world is made it so the company has now shrunk in not in terms of you know anything other than how wide their footprint is and what they're doing they're no longer going to you know two hundred different arenas every year and have 'em being all over the place now we've narrowed down to. This is the spot that we're in right now so even on the same day. Yeah there could be a raw live event happening in Saint Louis and we have our own crew there. While smackdown his touring right. Louche RIGHT SO I. It was just really a numbers game right and I think you know For myself at least you know a lot of the newer the newer producers you know myself and Lance in you know Dr Ian stuff like we were the newer guys and you know that that's just the way it is but yeah we'll we'll see what happens. Yeah do you Do you have a favorite moment or match or thing that you did while you were in? Wwe You're responsible for.

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