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Hello. This is game on. I'm Adam Rosser news first and then we're going to move onto talk about video games. Colon design slash play slash disrupt the new exhibition which is running the Victorian, but museum in London. But first, that piece of news, it appeared late last week that CCP games the developers and the people who are behind eve online was being sold to a company called PO abyss for the total four hundred twenty five million US dollars. You can imagine. I think that the community out there dropped into something titles been Brendan drained from massively is our go to guy when it comes to things to do with eve online. Let's be honest and Brendan, let's start with getting who is Pearl abyss or what is Pearl abyss and was anybody expecting a sale of the whole of the CCP business in one fell swoop. Perla are the developers of black desert online, which is another Emo with it, started adding Currier, their Korean company and while ago, released in North America and Europe. I'm li- obviously they made a lot of money off on. They've been able to ni- almost. All right, bye. CCP with no one really expected CCP to completely sell up a hundred percent and we'll go on. I don't think anyone would have predicted it would be a Korean company that seltzer, but we've known the CCB is being kind of packaging itself up and looking for either large investment or a buyer for a long time. Now it's been a couple of years coming indeed Houma Pederson who we both Bokan to over the years has spoken about this being a very good fit for his business. And so has Mr. young, June promotion, say demanding charge over at poa bis. So is it to good fit? Do you think? I mean, is there natural synergy between accompanying career which is a relatively new entrant to the market, but has nine and a half million subscribers players of the game and see pay, which has become almost like a niche product now? Yeah, it's kind of an odd fit on the surface. But if you look into. The two students are very similar history's very similar top down management. So the guy who is the the chairman of her Labus. If you look at his story, it's almost identical to hill. Marce story started off as a developer working on this Emma. Mohan Benchley worked up the CEO on. Now. He's chairman of company. It's almost like we're held more might be if one of CCB's big Gumbel had paid off financially. The began booze included very recently VR and we know that NCP raised about thirty million dollars in funding for the VR projects which gave us eve Valkyrie and also spark which very good implementations VR. But the problem is, I think this is something that CCP would admit the VR itself hasn't taken off in the way that people had hoped to respected. So they've made several bets over the dos five one, four VR those and they just haven't quite pay down. They know this this again is one of those things were actually selling this. Video might improve up. So CCB has made a number of strategic mistakes. Looking back in hindsight, things like does five on four being exclusive to PS three was end of life and stuff like that. So neither they're no longer responsible ultimately for their own strategic objectives. It'll be interesting to see if they can actually succeed in any of these projects. They have a lot of projects in culling, so good, good. See another gaming studio, being able to help them if they come because previously of, of course cease to be was owned by a group of just financial investors who I mean, their goals purely financial at least parlay. This is a development studio. We own looking down the pipeline is a first person shooter. This project move a mobile spinoff eve war engine and an unannounced IMO project in development in London..

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