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Not good and i will say this some guy do have sort of bad outside in kind of slice across a little bit more slice across the ball motion but if they catch it pure it's gonna go win it's just if nick not to pick on blair walsh again but if you don't catch it pierre her like like or you you catch laces all of a sudden you can get things flying the way off track because your motion um isn't as straight up and down um in in so um it it it you can necessarily no but i am starting to see that some kickers do you definitely have a much more i guess clean motion or or at least a motion that is much more straightforward the leg comes straight back and then follows through come up straight and it's a it's a more compact motion whereas some come across the ball and that makes issues happen interesting so at the same time though they you ever think interesting i bet i'm going i'm willing to go along with that i can't i can't have that that seems reasonable to me uh my question for you is basically uh you know obviously soccerstyle kickers are prevalent today but it seems like you know given that you want to be straight ahead you wanna be as you know light up with the goalposts as possible it seems like in a way the oil style straight ahead kicker might it might be easier for them to be accurate fuels lobby so we know based on evidence that simply not the case whatsoever.

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