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Right. Got it. And when I get back all the white dudes are coming up to me. And they're like, hey, what's up which up? I'm like what the fuck do. You mean what's up will? He was a dude at called shots with a white dude's. So next thing, you know, on calling shots for the white. And I'm like, dude, I'm a fucking Jew. You know what I mean? These guys are like, Nazis, you know. And I'm like, dude, I don't want on the fucking do it, bro. So I'm just going to wait pit and I start lifting. Well, ends up that his name was Chad. He ends up running a mission on me, and I walk through this door where they had these big steel chairs and this dude wack me and my face with a chair and knock two teeth out of my mouth. So I was all dazed I jumped on dude. But you know, and they had all these guys had tear, you know, may spray. So they spray me down. And I'm like fucking, dude. That shit was crazy. I got used to it. So they bring me back to parole board. They're like, Mr. Mendelssohn done. I'm like sorry. So they've locked down for like five days. And then I go back, and I see Chad. And he's like. And I'm like, oh, that's fucking it. So there was just like pool table with these washing machines, and I walk in. And I just start fucking wailing on him. He had long blond hair. And I wrapped his hand up. And I'm beating a fuck out of him. And also, your hey, I look over with the tear-gas, right? My fuck and face the Mason. I'm like fuck them. Snot not every hole, and I gotta gets the washer, and I'm boom, boom. And then I missed being and I'm like boom big and four guards role in a pick me up in the air autumn and a headlock each guard has my legs four of them. They got my arms, and I'll have this, dude. I'm in the air, and I'm hitting them like this. So they bring them back to parole board again. And like, Mr Mandelson, I'm like sorry. You know? And they're like what the fuck is going to happen. I go I'm gonna fucking kill them. So they ended up shipping him out to another fucking prison. And then life got good all the guards started liking me. I got relationships with them. And you know, you I go to prison you start tripping and you're like word. Like, oh my God. It's four o'clock. What would all my friends we doing right now, you know? But then it got to the point where forgotten I just went on, and I was lifting and there's like a swat team kind of like for like, riot retaliation and stuff will they come in benching six hundred pounds at eighteen years old. So how long you're lifting at this point just a couple years. Yeah. So I was hitting six hundred and the guards came in and they go, hey, you're fucking strongest hell, and I was like, thanks. So they took me over to their Jim. These guys are like retired NFL, and like gnarly mother fuckers, you know, so I started lifting with them. And that's when Schick out real and they were like powerlifting. And you know, these guys were showing me some stuff, but you know, they really weren't powerlifters. They said they were you know, what I mean? I didn't know it was up. I'm going close grip. You know, so. Finally, get out and I start living my life, and I'm lifted and I'm at north Hollywood goals in Venice goals and training people. And I'm going to school, and I'm doing my thing. And you know, one thing after the other just developed them. I'm sitting there eating with my wife at the time on Ventura boulevard at this place into abortion insurance, California. It's like the boulevard, so there's this little magazine place as walking by CEO. Powerlifting USA. So I'm like, oh, I'm buying it..

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