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My life actually what's so funny no have could have complained about mexican food in the bay area home i really have reverted complain about carmel carmel carmel valley has a great rat mexican restaurant can't lower than ever how okay and actually this last week and i was over in sacramento way um and unilab me it's it's not the fanciest it's just it is but they had real good case so ono way for like a local chain around sacramento called jim boys i've never heard of that oh lord they actually a real so really yes i never heard ally all case kelly's yeah they it's like a local chain around sacramento okay so i'd rather go there than have breakfast with they've really need to start the honoring acidly making fell oh man real the oh and they even do garrido's without beans and rice it was a mile because i hate rice and beans in mayberry us and they actually do barito's widow beans rice i just want the meeting other staff yes and the cheese that's all i wa and the and having their veggie walk down by the way and it was like what's a funny is it for it being like a a local chain ed like the women working in the kitchen where like moms and they treated like they were cooking for their kid it was i really want to parade on and it was super inexpensive super inexpensive like taco bell kinda pricing dave i don't know how you feel about this because you're in east timor i don't know what's ciett as a californian young has grown how we get under the ninth the nishin district reto you cannot have beans and rice and you're worried i i'm just so emphatically against it and i know people i don't want that around been when i say that and shane me but i don't i don't like the taste of it i don't even care whether the leptin our nonelected in or whatever i don't i don't like the beans overtake all of the flavors of the meat is interesting because places like a of in my favour routier still fairly though and would be in i know i don't like it i don't want a bell tolerate right all right so hannity back to the holiday party things without sidetracked into a delicious ice now better than breakfast with trump yamaha motor holiday parties at work uh uh.

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