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And so, um, we're fortunate tonight. It is good to proceed with the victory acknowledge that But not a lot happened tonight to be proud of which will be excited about other than that you had some red zone failures and a number of dropped passes about you. What do you attribute that to anything in particular? Sucking. I love him so much contract. No compromise. I do, too. But after hearing that little diatribe there from Coach Tomlin, both of you in separate ways of saying coach Chill, bro. It's just one game. No, I'm not. I'm not saying that he's correct and he's right. I'm saying it's one game. They won the game. But when you look at everything from the first quarter to the end of the game, they were not perfect it as he said in any phase of the game, whether it's Macleod fumbling on the punt return, whether it's big, been fumbling or throwing an interception or whether it's uh, getting beat on a long play from Hollywood, Brown cutting back against the grain all of those sort of different things, whether it was RG three scampering. Whether is the receiver Johnson dropping a number of passes. Hey plays receiver. Gotta catch the ball bra slants wide open touchdown being puts it on you his receivers in the league that would die to have that opportunity to score a touchdown. Get it. That's why I say they've got to clean this stuff up. They've got to show me something if they plan on playing Kansas City, whether it's in Pittsburgh or Kansas City are neutral site. So beat Pittsburgh. I mean to beat Kansas City. They've got to clean that up, because whatever that was last night if they take that to Kansas City when they play Kansas City because I believe they will possibly be blanket they could get run out the building. Nothing like common knows that that's why he's so passionate about You know, communicating in and letting everyone know that my team's not very good. We didn't We didn't show anything last night. Not one thing. In that game. I walked away from saying, man, they're gonna get canned city run for their money. Not one thing, And I understand, you know, uh, TJ what was covering Hollywood Brown on the wheel right out of the backfield with Brown was four yards in front of T. J. DJ was grabbing for dear life is just so happened. Robert Griffin to third, threw a ball that looked like he was throwing from the outfield in baseball to third base on the straight line. Dr. Patrick Mahomes is not missing that throat to Tyree Kill. And so you've got to clean those little bitty things up. It might be certainly knows that Not going to follow me on this one. This game yesterday was an anomaly to me Key. The Steelers. As I understand the internal perspective from Mike Tomlin and your perspective, right because you're thinking about the chief's How do we win the whole thing? Reality is this team hasn't places November 22nd. Right. A lot of their stuff has been in flux. And I kind of saying James kind of not being there having the anxiety of Are we going to play today or we're gonna play tomorrow. It just looked like they were out of sync and I understand there's things for them to work on. Like there has to has to play into it a little bit. We still are talking about a team that is 11 and, oh, correct an undefeated team now they've blown on Lee three teams out this year. Only three teams out this year. Every other game has been somewhat close. And I understand how that could be used against him in the argument, but also can make the other again by saying team knows how to win ugly Now, that may not have been their best performance last night. Maybe we want to see them below out. Teams like Casey does. But I've also seen Kansas City play down to the level. They're competition as well. So, yes, they are explosive. But they've also allowed teams. They stay in ballgames that should have stayed in ball games as well. So I I hear what you're saying but is yesterday's game isn't that big of an indictment on the Pittsburgh Steelers? To me? It's not that big of an indictment, but when you take on a team that's basically missing. Mark Ingram, JK Dobbs, Marge Marge Jackson and a host of other players. And you put that type of performance out on tape. It does not serve you with Bucky. There's some keep your body is all about rhythm. Like right. Like you get into your routine, you get into your rhythm. No. If I don't I don't play in the game for a little bit like in basketball. I don't play the game for like a week. I'm gonna be rusty. Like let alone two weeks. I understand. I understand. What you saying about routine and rhythm and playing and all of those sort of things. It does not take you four quarters to get going. It does not take you four quarters to get going. Being robbed. This burger was delivering the football. They were dropping it. They were dropping it. It has nothing to do. You're messing around with RG three. Hasn't stepped on the field as a starter since week 17 a year ago and that happened to be against you. And and so When you were struggling to put away a team. That is less than This concern from the hair coach, which should be because if that was Any team. It had a quarterback that could play. Pittsburgh with lost that game. You know, And that's just the reality of it. They would've lost the game if they had anybody else. If they were playing Kansas City men Escort B 52 50 nothing. Probably you're right. They were ravaged. The opponent was ravaged. They couldn't handle Baltimore, 2nd and 3rd String quarterbacks. One other note Bud Dupree for the Steelers. We believe her Boy, does it ever eight sacks this season? And does it also heard and financially he set to become a free agent in was just It just depends on what the medical looks like Indeed. And they've also already lost Devin Bush to an A C L So we'll see. They're perfect, but they've been able to do it with one hand tied behind her back. Especially on deep here here. Yeah, just a few weeks ago, but he had those two guys on the shelf the rest of the way. So awesome They play it was like a year ago. Felt like the right November. 22nd does feel like a year ago. He Sean J. Bills even presented by progressive insurance. All of our guests..

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