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Martin in Washington, D C and I'm David Greene in Los Angeles. Here on the West Coast were dealing with wildfires on the Gulf Coast in southeastern United States. It is hurricanes that are the concern. Therefore, storms right now brewing in the Atlantic Basin communities along the Gulf of Mexico are bracing for Hurricane Sally. It is forecast to make landfall either late today or overnight. Somewhere near the Alabama Mississippi State line, and we have NPR's Debbie Elliot with us from Orange Beach, Alabama, Debbie Good morning to you. And Are you feeling the effects of Sally already? Yeah, we're starting to feel the outer bands of the hurricane, basically gusty winds and waves of heavy rain that come in intermittently. Bay Waters have been rising since yesterday and have over topped Cem piers and flooded some roadways in and around my neighborhood. I spent some time yesterday over engulf shores, Alabama at the Public Beach where people were watching as the storm was approaching, there were a good many sightseers. Mary Bell was on vacation from Tennessee and was really amazed to watch and see how fast the water was coming up. Well, the surface churning and we watched the levels rise coming closer on the beach in places where the water has gone and made its own little canal through between the condos. Sally is a very large hurricane. It's just offshore on DH. The effects are being felt along a really wide stretch of the U. S Gulf Coast from all the way from the mouth of the Mississippi River into the Florida Panhandle. Remember doing that myself standing on the beach as a hurricane is approaching. Then you want to stop doing the sightseeing at some point and come inside. Okay, I guess I wonder. I mean, do you get the sense that people are taking Sally seriously enough, You know, I think they are, And certainly officials are the Gulf States have all declared states of emergency. Those who were in the path of Sally Low lying communities have evacuated that includes like the barrier islands off of Louisiana and in the New Orleans Metro area, people who live Outside that elaborate new levee protection system have been ordered to evacuate. The National Guard is ready. TTO help respond as needed all along the Gulf Coast. It it seems like people have been trying to secure their property.

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