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Live from npr news in washington i'm jim hark no longer a hurricane tropical storm harvey continues to drenched texas and as trace shaher with member station k utn austin reports the threat is far from over as harvey turned over a large area of the state texas governor greg abbott received a briefing from top officials hunkered two floors underground in some areas rain has been falling at a torrential rate with much more expected in the hours and days ahead from corpus christi to the houston area perhaps as much as between twenty and thirty more inches of rain could be coming down that will lead to flash flooding and in the days to come river flooding governor abbot declared states of disaster in thirty counties along and near the coast before harvey came ashore now he is added twenty more counties to that list for npr news i'm trace shahr in austin major storms usually do their damage and move on but tropical storm harvey is not going anywhere latest update on present movement is stationary marked amara as a forecaster at the national hurricane center some areas have already had fifteen inches of rain so far peddled kenya license could be thirty five forty and says this is a lifethreatening rainfall totals both in terms of flash flooding and then in the longer term the verifying herbie's maximum sustained windsor no clocked at forty five miles an hour way down from one hundred thirty miles an hour at landfall a tropical storm warning remains in effect from baffin bay to sargent texas in the city of rockport on the texas coast damage from harvey includes toppled power poles trees torn from their bases would framing ripped from houses and the metal sites torn off of the city's high school gym power is out along with cell phone and internet service.

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