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In a while but the yellow river here in wisconsin has there's a place up in the up where they actually have a spearing season they don't spear nearly as many as they do on like when a big but there are a few places but nothing nothing like like when a bagel it's unbelievable years years ago you did a we did a radio show of course you're the voice so the done the w kfc my rights or cafes the kfi z and radio show and you had talked about how lake winnebago where i think if i'm not wrong five thousand shacks yes actually snow plowed lades that they put street signs on so you can find where you're i mean he asked his growth trees and everything like when you go one mile it'll be one tree you know two miles there's two trees together three miles three trees for four or five and five and then they have roads plowed off to the side and people put up signs naming the roads so they know where they're going or if they tell us somebody to come on a lot of people like to come out and just sitting in a shack for curiosity just do it once my wife lasted two hours right keith that i've had enough take me home oh my goodness knows as you say you need to wisconsin dispiriting yes it is it you know like i say wisconsin and michigan are the only places that ain't over these fierce dirge minnesota the spill out of northern pike and now in the dakotas day spear northern pay the native americans do i don't know if there's a season for other people but in minnesota they do and they also spirit northern michigan here you have to have a hole cut in the ice how do you cut the whole chainsaws and when the ice is thick we have very long blades and what you do is you you cut the whole at a bevelled so that when you look at it it gives you a little bigger angle the look through and you cut the block is one big block and then you try to cut it in half and you push that block would push polls under the ace sort floats away and then we've got a decoy we hang down and decoys are a.

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