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Call in the first hour the guy gotten a forty six year old age we should chill got a diagnosis of cancer that was not good at all at one point two million dollar life insurance policy in place thank goodness for that part horrible horrible diagnosis well the frame to go through for the family a one point two million trend was gonna be okay financially see that makes a lot of different get your life insurance and blows get your williams alleged who our aaa proverbs twenty seven the ride josue option integrity blessed artist children after bob marley said the greatness of a man is not imperil much wealthy and walk acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively there you go pushed off christie right joins us ramsey personality the creator of business boutique equipping women to make money doing what they love how are ya great guide to be here welcome back good to have you good to have you so um lots of women are realizing their dreams using these god giving issues and they're doing their own businesses right now lots of good things happening out there with boost boutique right now tell me a great story that you've heard lightly from one of these ladies while i was actually just tell the story and then go got to one of our armed girls are marketing team but i was at an advance against us may be format.

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