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Like alaska where now towson has repeatedly expressed frustration and that exon mobile can't get stable terms to the deals at wants to make because the government huge changing well that's because we have elections in a loss current politics of oil up there are pretty and you're pretty raucous so i'm not saying that that means he's into democratic but i i'm just saying he's been conditioned bite experience to work productive lee and without a lot of criticism how or interference in politically afar tearing environments you know there are a lot of decisions that's companies that work in the throat with a four training routines have to make it's one thing to say well we're not going to you know sick the overthrow of an authority but but there are other decisions you can make you can participate in brightening officials or facilitating you know the traction of large amounts of assets for further for royals families do you have any sense of how exon and toner sims regret in a sense of their record in terms of the extent to which they violate things like that the corrupt foreign practices act on who would serve what's a record of their lead in that area well we talked a before about their rule making him there are at here and to come rules and i i do think today used to law as a as an organizer principal everywhere and how divert very devoted to trying to figure out how not to get outside of the law and also to promote the rules lot internationally because that is their business model in the sense that it makes contracts and forcible and it also gives them away to avoid the kinds of de la most that are presented when how dictator as relatives come around looking for contracts were for favoured sex on mobile can say hey we follow the law everywhere this is not legal we're not going to do it and so it's a way to be consistent you know work gets.

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