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And at the end, it wasn't all good. The Dow finishes down about fifty points. A jury in Virginia recommends that James field spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of driving his car into a crowd of. Counter-protestors in Charlottesville last year during the unite the right rally a woman was killed that fracas Susan, bro. The mother of victim Heather higher says she is content with the jury's recommendation of life. Plus four hundred nineteen years is always mortified when her name came up in public. She would be mortified to have a foundation in her name. Should we be mortified that? She was known around the world. But she would be excited that hey did not win sentencing. Hearing now is next in March and under Virginia state law. The judge can impose a lower sentence than what is recommended by the jury, but cannot increase it in Brazil gunman enters a cathedral and opens fire killing at least four people before taking his own life. Police say it happened about an hour outside of south Paolo. No motive is known advocates for sexual assault victims are crying foul today. After a Texas judge accepts a plea bargain in the case of a former Baylor University fraternity president who had been accused of raping a woman. CBS Omar Villafranca says it allows Jacob Anderson to avoid jail time in court. The judge says there is a lot of information the public just does not know about this case. So we reached out to the judge. But he did not return our calls or emails now in Texas unlawful restraint is at third degree felony meeting that Anderson faced a possible sentence of. Two to ten years had even convicted of that.

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