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The wrestlers wanted even more. Like i think that they're they've already mentally shifted their. I think that would be as writers have mentally shifted to waiting until crowds or back. So that's what. I'm looking forward to a lot of things but all those things i think are worth talking about and starting tomorrow in the next week for. Wwe that all kicks. Yeah i just there's nothing for the folks who are listening to this extended. They just scored the winning goal and penalties and there was a gentleman as you were talking an italian fan. Who is tears coming down his face through his glasses and screaming and that you can't generate that when you can't tell who you wanna root for you and you don't build that unless you have fans that can help you on that journey even yourself as a fan you always talk about the bellwether fans. If you don't have those bellwether fans stays masters that kind of help point things you're never going to know and so i'm looking particularly with a w with What's going on with a hangman page. And then in. Wwe what's going on with the women. And and i mean on all three brands. Because i think right now there is some weird stuff going on all three brands with their women and then with the man. I wanna see how drew mcintyre's received. I wanna see how especially in light. What's going on with In the personal life how sows in roman reigns perceived. I wanna see How the mcmahon's are perceived after you know everyone's done this pushback of i can't believe all these people were let go. Where's the energy going to be from the fans in terms of how they see the next time it's going to be dead events bringing us the good news and everyone's screaming no chance in hell or is it going to be boo or get out yeah i. The drew mcintyre the the the summer of of drew. I think has been a setback and last night. We got a long disjointed story about the loch ness monster. He ended on a high note or on a high energy note and drew. Was this long winding story. But i sense even maybe at the end he was a little embarrassed by it like you know. He kind of built up the energy and ended on a high energy note. But i i think. I could tell him his face he's like. Oh god you know that. I'm not sure how that went and they need feedback. Drew drew mcintyre. Is i think going potentially and this is where i want. I don't even know for sure but it's potentially going so far off course crowds gonna turn on him with these promos and if that's the case he needs to. He shouldn't known three weeks ago but he needs to know. Starting you know a couple of weeks. So it isn't an irredeemable situation and then you have riddell you know how is riddled going to get a mega star reaction. We love this guy. He's so you know. He's kind of like nicky cross in terms of like the positivity and the shucks and everything is great but also with like this really kind of main event skill set and he super over or not you know like i don't know and i just think everybody needs that feedback. Wrestling is so reliant on that in a couple of in charlotte and rear ripley looking at last night. I i just assume that kind of segment in front of a live audience wouldn't get much of a reaction at all the charlotte get booed a little. Then i think when ripley came out there won't be a lottery action and vince invincible. Be like okay. This isn't working. Something is in clicking or the crowd would just be cheering ripley. Which would steer them to write. Ripley differently you know to present her differently. All of that is what. I'm looking forward to and i think. Wwe has more to gain than aws to be honest. Because i gave us more more in line with their fan base in part because they've had sample sizes at daly's place along the way. Where ron smackdown. Haven't mike mcmahon from the all elite after show every week andrew so check and i breakdown eighty w on our free. Vw torch podcast. We've been doing this show since two thousand sixteen that's right. We're on our fifth year when we started the show back then we were talking just impact wrestling it. We still.

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