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Turkey a real person for us that we could sort of relate to as one through that out there because i think it definitely affects the way that the story was upper limit when i first listen to the story without hearing orleans version right her her interview and so on having heard that it did change my perspective of it into the net comes back to like if you're just pointing out these deals in prosecutors never even get to see these people as as people with first names and real lives in stories then they are just mere objects that can be dismissed absolutely mall this has just been great uh i i am so glad you all joined today in the studio that we could kind of sort this out because tony and i've been living with this story for the last few months and just really have a chance to talk it through and figure out of what really is going on with prosecutorial discretion the united states is really satisfying this episode of life of the law in studio was produced by tony gannon i'd like to thank mary lee williams for her reporting on ten hours to twenty years did a fantastic job if you haven't listened to the story you can go on our website life of the law dot org inherit or go to i tunes or your favorite podcast app and listen to the episode special thanks also to today's in studio team a dr algorithm law professor at uc hastings and a member of our advisory panel scholars brittany batorfi attorney with the mayor law group and chair of life the laws advisory board tony gan in our senior producer.

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