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Don't forget to celebrate responsibly. It is time now for dumps to the touchscreen in the ipad. Hebron go through some names. And we're gonna have a quick conversation with dumping you re keeping you carson what let's start with carson wentz the eagles quarterback. We'll start with quarterbacks in general high stefania goodbye carson. Wentz why is he. Why is even an option to dump. He should have been dumped already. But you know what he actually had eighteen plus fantasy points last night but it is ugly like and here's the other reason why at some point you cannot continue to not like at some point. Don't they have to give jalen hurts a chance. They have to. Eagles fans are gonna lose their collective mind over this heartache. They're already are steaming over travis. Fogel remember him by by by by sad four catches in his past three games. He's good. I wish they'd get him the football more. I don't know why after he had that ridiculous month they've decided to fade. I'm sorry by by cam newton's to find out what do you think your dumps bill or no. I'm not dumping cam newton. Here's the thing is that like. I don't think cameras your starter. I i should say this. I don't think cam is your only quarterback on your roster. I think he has mostly been either. A matchup dependent play which has been hard because not like the patriots had an awesome offense this year. But if you go back and look at the number of top twelve finishers cameras. Still has a high floor my estimation just that he's had a couple and i understand there's been to clunkers and there have been two clunkers but otherwise it's been pretty good. If he's your quarterback my advice would be to add a second. Have a devon devin singletary. You've got a strong opinion here in around now. okay. I'm going to keep them. And here's the reason why the bills said after sunday's game that they're run heavy offense a run. Heavy offense was by design really hard to find running backs right now. I'd keep him on the bench just in case but he. He's flirting with it. As to whether he deserves to be kept on ross welcomed outfield. derek carr yesterday notifying. No no i mean. I think last week was an outlier. It was really bad but look they play next. Yeah they play the jets this upcoming week. That was the reason why last week we mentioned him as a waiver wire ad specifically for week thirteen. Like if you've got. Tom brady on your roster good week. Add derek carr lady on bell. He put him in dumps spill. But here's what i will say. If you have clyde edwards helaire you should keep and you have it on you. Keep them if you the only case for on bell is that he's insurance but even then let's say something does happen to over dealer two things. I'm not convinced. It's exclusively on bell in the backfield beyond that. Like if clyde edwards helaire who's much faster allusive. Maybe even as close to his powerful lobby on bell can't find the endzone frequently. What makes you think that lay beyond. Bail will find the endzone frequently as the chief starting running back. He can be dumped. Unless you have the right setup for him to be insurance. Gillum balaj dumps films. You watch austin ekeler. Daily did was unbelievable. Took my line. If you saw austin ekeler then answers. And i didn't hear his name called on. I heard joshua kelley. I like there were blogs out. He was out right. So the idea of when you come back and you look at how that offense ran all those running backs luke way better as a as a group. No offense accountable loss. She's just the odd guy out. There agreed there is a couple more here. Question christian kirk will keep him in. Here's the reason. Why like he's been a little bit he hasn't been maybe the most optimistic view but he's kind of been what you expected coming into the season like. There's clearly number one in arizona. He is not at markey's brown. I'm sorry goodbye you're out. What has happened you man. You're supposed to fulfill expectations this year. It has not been the case. If you need the roster spot marquees brown is expendable of course the ravens as we've been telling you play in week i'm sorry wednesday of week twelve so just couple of mind of note here. We're past the trade deadline and the playoffs are coming both in fantasy and eventually the real playoffs as well as of right now week. Thirteen because the season is still seventeen weeks. We thirteen is the final week in default settings for the regular season of your league. So i think it's important to note that in previous years what i would tell you. Is that like absent. Your quarterback having week. Thirteen by like tom brady does in like a teddy. Bridgewater does You don't need to carry two quarterbacks. Like if you have a patrick bohm's or does shawn watson or whatever like continue to run it with our try to try to just that player and not worry about a backup quarterback. This year is the year to ensure your spots as much as possible more than ever and maybe quarterback you can get by with just one because the reality is that in a ten team league. If something happens you can still get someone sunday morning if need be. But if there's like a really solid option out there or if you're looking to play match ups like if you want to carry. Derek carr zeca quarterback for this week just in case. Not a bad idea. We can also do this. We can talk about waiver wire ads for this week. And we'll do this quickly and then we'll eventually rank them if possible. Let's get some of the waiver wire ads and all starts to with kirk cousins. Who if you're looking for a quarterback to add specific to week thirteen. Kirk cousins is on the radar. He came off of a good game last. This actually think he's looked better later in the season then he did early on no part of him. It started the season but i. I was impressed with his performance this past week and the vikings still sort of clawing for a playoff spot. They're they're upcoming schedule home to the jaguars that's what matters in. This scenario is the kirk. Cousins plays the jaguars on sunday. He's coming off of his best game of the season this past week against the carolina panthers if you need a waiver wire quarterback for this week. I'm talking to you. Everybody rosters tom. Brady out there. There is your options. The running back options are not great this week on the waiver wire but the most important one potentially devante booker. That's because josh jacobs left sunday's game as find based off of comments over the past couple of days. What have we learned about the severity of josh jacobs ankle issue. Well yesterday. I said that. Jon gruden had expressed concern about it but as of as of yesterday afternoon. It sounds like they're much more positive and they think that he will be able to play this next week. I have piece of everybody if you have josh. Jacobs still add devante. Parker like this is like we've been down this road. How many weeks was chris carson. Going to be fine until he was not francorp for the jets. And we love frank orange podcasts. Nobody less frank gore frank gore. But i thought the jets with nolan ryan would maybe consider somebody like josh adams or tied johnson to get some more work. How about this week. Twelve frank gore handled eighty six percent of the jets running back carries. He accounted for ninety five percent of the jets running back yard. He'll be a top thirty to thirty five. Ish option this upcoming week for the jets against the raiders. A generation rising is brought to you by. Ea sports.

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