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General's kids to him was in all of those girls. Now let's pick a different state and do would not such to last no radical track record of sexual harassment. Well real again now. He's he's now. he's a leader. He's coming back around now. He's about this. Is i love you win. Awards yeah create the progress right present. 'cause the present on a whole list of things right higher gas prices caused the problem by restricting drilling and killing the pipeline solution of more taxes on gas. Make sense. I mean these make sense to me because we're letting criminals jail no problem advanced sexual harassment. Training video would have certainly changed. There's no doubt about that if we had better video. And our yeah to our video and you know and if somebody workplace and your in your sixty s had been raped we've probably should put a section at about you know making sure that we don't constantly bombard them about what was it like. How do feel how you know that type of. That's just. I would known i wouldn't have known. Yeah good good. I'm just i just i. I would just flabbergasted if he came out and said and if you have somebody organization that's been sexually harassed or assaulted use them as the example in office defied before people unbelievable. I've got just relative. I've got a relative that we can use as an example. Yeah that's good. We'll keep unreleased get in here. I mean this is my cousin. Least fellow come on come on up here. Tell them about your experience when you're in high school. What is the matter with. you never know. How sexually active are you deep. Give me a break and the guidance counselor all loving inclusive guidance. Counselor thanks all right. Let's see what if we can get to the rest of this. I'm sure can't wait. Can't wait a whole team. that's good. Good yeah gimme. Jeez mazdas for a second here pasta. He works so hard. This dirtbag works. He works so hard that he had time in the middle of cova to write a book. That's how hard they work. That's how hard right was focused on. Helping the citizens tax payers pay him at the height. He had time to write a whole cova book joke. Gimme a harvard until now to right. Mike waited now. He's started using it right out of the gate really know it all kinds of book. Paddock himself on the bed. Telling everybody they shouldn't be moving around the state. You should be on lockdown as he had all one hundred percent intentions of flying from new york city on a private jet to watch the buffalo bills play until enough people that don't live in the city that aren't left wing. Nutjob said you're not coming into buffalo. That's garbage that's ridiculous. You're telling the rest of us the lockdown and you're flying back and forth and he's sort of got the message joke working rake massless and and it was hugging people down there right. I mean this is the thing. This guy did do it if they can get away with. That's the thing they can get away with that he wasn't we were out of. The country was appalled that during it. They're telling everybody else. Don't friends and family go back in lockdowns again. Put the mass back on his sixtieth birthday party. And seven hundred people from around the world and minute. now it's just but if he could have gotten away with it if he could have gotten away with it on if you could have gotten away he got his shell put out a show. Put a voicemail message voice. Shot message glenda. Everybody in virginia. Please make sure they're On my back. Yeah you're there. You're just keep freezing up your. I'm getting that or not but it's glitches up this point so so michelle my bell. Michelle sends out. a voice. shot messaged everybody in virginia. How they need to make sure. They're on lockdown. Stay home you only go out for essential items right. Meanwhile at that very moment her husband is out golfing with three other. People's three other mates hanging out You know drinks in hand five away having fun mask on the golf course. I mean these people are unreal but we continue to allow them to get away with it. I mean the. They're they're superheroes right. I mean how many times have we set on this. Show these dirtbags by an oceanfront piece of property with fourteen bedrooms as they're telling you the sea levels are going to rise. Were all going to die and shame on you. Nobody needs a six bedroom house with two kids. That's what he says. I think by a fourteen or right. I'm rochat they get away with it time and time again. This guy's not done. he's not done. Mark my words. He's going to go away a little bit like herpes. he's going to go away and he'll resurface. It'll be somewhere else. Sores or not done for the american people you know. It's really embarrassing. Is the people. That are still supporting. This guy asked him on twitter on on on our facebook. Somebody said in our twenties said literally. I don't want him to resign because that would set the bar. He deserves his day in court. Are you brain dead seriously. You just have to wonder these people. Like i would be looking at if it were me. I'd be scraping the biden sticker off the back of my truck by now. I mean seriously honest to god i mean those people say i voted for. I'm happy about it like i. Don't i mean okay happy about the flooding illegals over the border that are bringing cove. We're not. I have to wear a mask. They don't have to wear a mass. I have to have a vaccine passport to get into a restaurant. In new york city illegals can walk into the country with no no passport. No vaccine. oh how about. They're not even vaccinating. If you are serious about vaccinating as much the population possible wouldn't you be vaccinating. The people in the detention centers. Listen we can either a ship back the border or be giving this vaccine and driving to a city in your choice drives choice. Here's a gift card and a basket of. They're not even doing that. We're we're gonna. We're gonna drive you to florida and then we're gonna say three hundred percent now. Southern to santa's has got a brain in his nissan. We'll wait a minute. They are up three hundred percent. But only because you brought these illegal aliens and oh and by the way it's three hundred percent from the very bottom right so we had thousand cases and now we've got two or three and the percentages are much easier but of course they can't just say we went from three cases to six to nine or they've got to say we're up one hundred percent. We're up two hundred percent right the scare tactics. And by the way. Such as cova coleman call his co. vince over if the mainstream media wasn't such dirtbags right. Nobody's dying co but we had zero deaths last week. Is the biggest problem for these illegal. Immigrants are the ms thirteen gang members that continued ring heroin and massive amounts of drugs into our system. And i'm not talking about pot. I'm not talking about some somebody having some gumy's to get rid of their stress. I'm talking about people putting needles in their arms. We you were showing me a video or if you go on youtube they will post it on our facebook our but i mean some of these inner cities. They looked like zombies. I mean they're just totally strung out on heroin. That's ninety percent of that coming through that lower.

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