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London. And i've never got a chance to get the full ring treatment. So you know. Maybe when he makes his comeback oh book in booking together. Do we need to appoint a handout mention always. Yes we do want. Should i get the ball rolling with spot. I i'm fat i do. I was partly political. Sort of bear faces. That i was gonna mention andrew young who is a candidate to be mayor of new york city. Who has vowed to be a twenty four hour. Twenty four seven mayor constantly present in the city said he will only leave new york city to go to three places albany. The state capital washington dc. Of course the american capital and israel and the sheer brazenness of pitching for for pro israel. Jewish votes in new york. It just tickled me. So i think he says that. But my but my may nominee would be also new york one actually which is the new york daily delicatessen in new. That was selling kosher ham. Kid you not fantastic. And i've seen the picture it really is a hab. It's it's unmistakably ham and again it's it's not it's not vegan. They keep saying that word. Maybe it's a fantastic thing. There was a showman customer within the deli. And he saw it there. And there's the stamp of the author ox union on it. He added brought this to the attention of the orthodox union and the manufacturers and they turns out to have been a system error. But the heck show on the ham who gets the hoods for either the union forgiving extra or almost a hammett's for having for bearing a kosher stamp. So that's my. I don't think i can beat that. Both try okay. I'll really try ex minister of regional cooperation in israel. Mr furic kunis from the likud. So he made headlines this week by declaring that his ministry wise or is still still exists unnecessary and should have been closed down long ago now he realized this epiphany you got this epiphany on the morning that he was supposed to transfer the portfolio from himself to the new minister of regional cooperation mystery. Sally fridge from mets question is sir. When did you actually notice. It was a necessary because he was about to be a victim. I think that's textbook laudable. To be honest. I really is no i agree with you. I think that winds because he does meet our Leo royston great you dishes. Definitional hooked spur which to remind. Listeners is the man who killed both his parents and asks the judge for leniency on the grounds that he is an often it has that complete bras neighborhoods. Patou it. now. I think that's a worthy winner. Four mench. I was going to suggest because it's a i it's historic i Amanda becker stein. Who is a hebrew teacher and scholar. And she is to be the next vice president of academic affairs at the reconstructionist rabbinical college. Just outside philadelphia. And therefore i ju- of color to lead a major rabbinical school and that seems to me a landmark worthy of recognition nice. You got good nominees this week. You've been working doing your homework. i'm gonna do. Cristiano imports international anchor for cnn. Who shared with viewers this week that she had cancer. Ovarian cancer said she..

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