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Let the deal was. When you, you pay for the gas and I pay for the period, which was a horrible deal. Horrible take. Time ever got over on you. We like we always had a couple of songs like you know. We've hear on the radio that we go by the cassette and play over and over a million times the car. And we got we for some reason got that Damn Janet Jackson. Cassette we're listening to that night at ninety nine. We're listening to when songs that know some bullshit thing and we're on a back road somewhere. The that we I don't who made the decision where you say how far we can drive at about seventy nine bucks with the lights off. Jeez why I guess 'cause we're bored after too long I. Guess. We'd grants your neck when Martin Right now? No Hell No oh well. We've lived MOEE and good times and the thing about. Being on-road back in and and I hope it's still that way. These days was just a brotherhood aspect. You know a couple of cats get in a car near as many times if you and me weren't traveling together. Get three four five six seven motherfuckers in a car or van. Just because that's what you had to do to make the town because you didn't have any dough, you're splitting all the damn cost of gas and cramming guys in a room and it was all it was just all such a good time, and you know the business was one of the highlights of my life and. To be sitting here and talking to you all these years later and both of us have been out of the business for quite some time, and you're still casually in it, but to maintain some of the friendships is. Obviously an important part of my life, and we're going to pick up next Steve Allison show. We're going to start right with Kevin. Nash when he enters WWF diesel runaway Shawn Michaels. We're going to talk about it him. The click the MSG CURTAIN-CALL K., forget about that guaranteed money down and WCW how those guys changed the nature of the business for Kevin Nash. The Steve also known as Steve Austin show and I. Kick Your ass down the road. This concludes another podcast. One DOT COM program..

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