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And senior night coach called will preview the match of next Wednesday morning here and K. and B. R. so that that going to college to three but if he do got hammered last night was like twenty two at home NC state I don't have a right to live in a world where Baylor is like going to win the national championship in basketball it's it's an odd thing to me Baylor has its own share problems they've had some sorted stuff in their past that is not really pleasant to investigate but it will be revived if they make a run to the final four and all the other hoops dude yeah yeah Mike Singletary court side either yeah yeah I don't when letterman made single Terry character nobody really knew was going on yeah and then we have single Terry about it he didn't really know how he's not giving anything yeah he didn't really know down we didn't David Letterman Mike Singletary two guys that were really on the same page the most telling word meeting the history meetings is more for myself and and Mike single Terry in single Terry's office extremely bizarre I don't have to go ahead and say yeah really tests and indeed did citing sources in there too yeah Sarge was like are kinda liaison yeah with us back in the day when we thought we should get to know the four in our head coach so the new head coach is a K. where the morning guys on your flag ship were to be glad about you a lot how about we come down we break bread we have a say in what do you say and man that that was a card with them though they know not now then we came to his first was awkward to set up that we got there were like a he Mike where here is kind of just set stare St got behind his desk and sat we set these chairs go look at each other yeah that's all was and we said Hey I guess we should get going thanks for the visit yeah I guess we got to hit the road around the pool yeah with an app well listen to it I mean you are going to your depends on how far you want to go to see a stand by more if you got a minute to pull so this can't be our giants vacation spring training trip giveaway continues that's right this we qualify two people per hour that means this hour six AM seven AM eight AM and nine AM codes will play a sounder hint it's a Duane Kuiper play by play and then you call four one five eight nine six cambiar and then mark is the water boil two colors number eleven and twelve for that ours qualifiers here's the deal March fifth through eighth he had three nights hotels at the comfort suites got still located across the street from sky still state or great location car rental tickets to two giants cactus league games and then a giant spring training pregame one suppose came there was selected as players and broadcasters no airfare no way for me and no days just nights stay the hell out of four right right now but anyway four one five eight nine six came ready for anything I do you want one all right let's see what we got here I'm pulling these out of the vault as we speak and this one.

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